Blizzards freeze Plowboys; Lady Blizzards fall

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register
Winters' Jon Kullen Busher contorts around a Roscoe defender in mid-air to drop put in a lay up during the Blizzards 78-10 defeat of Roscoe.

To say that the Winters Blizzards (14-3, 2-0) dominated the Roscoe Plowboys (1-10, 0-3) on Friday night would be an understatement. The Blizzards controlled every aspect the game from the tip off.

The Blizzards started off the game playing a smothering defense. The Plowboys never took an uncontested shot or had an easy lay up in the 1st period. The Blizzards, meanwhile, put up 25 points, while the Plowboys only managed to score 3 points. The game could have been over at that point, as the Plowboys only scored 10 points the entire game. Winters put up an impressive 78 points, defeating the Plowboys, 78-10. 

Winters' Alex Rodriguez elevates over a Roscoe defender to drop in a layup in the Blizzards' 78-10 over the Plowboys in Winters on Friday.

The Blizzards turned up the heat on the Plowboys right out of the gate. They came out strong, besting Roscoe in every aspect of the game. Perhaps their most part of their game was their transition and breakaway points. The Blizzards' Alex Salas and Jon Kullen Busher left Roscoe players trailing behind them on several layups that went in uncontested.

The Blizzards' Sean Leamon cuts through traffic on his way to a layup against the Roscoe Plowboys. The blizzards would end up winning the game 78-19.

Winters' speed advantage was apparent on almost every possession. When the Plowboys put a shot up, Busher or Salas were already down the court, behind the defense after the rebound. Winters' owned the rebound game by double digits.

The Blizzards defense double teamed any Roscoe player putting up a shot. Those double teams led to low-percentage shots and turnovers, which in turn led to easy fast break points for Winters. The Blizzards' size advantage was also too much for the Plowboys to overcome.

Winters' Mason Crowe puts up a shot behind the arch in the Blizzards' 78-10 defeat of the Roscoe Plowboys on Friday.

Winters adominated in the paint. Mason Crowe, Chaney Bahlman and Aidan Leamon ensured that there were no easy shots. They rotated their defense to the ball, cutting off the passing lanes. That, again, led to turnovers and fast break points for the acrobatic Blizzards. With players like Trent Hamilton and Dayvin Oats coming in, it was a tough match up for the Plowboys. Both Hamilton and Oats are above-average shooters.

It was apparent from warmups before the game that the Blizzards never felt that they were in danger of losing the game. The players were relaxed, hitting shots from all over the court minutes before the tip off. During the game they put up every shot with confidence. The size and speed of the Blizzards, along with their field goals shooting, forced Roscoe into committing numerous fouls, which tended to lead to more easy points on free throws for the blitzing Blizzards.

The Blizzards' Sean Leamon catches some air over a coupleof Roscoe Plowboys' defenders to drop in a layup in the Blizzards 78-10 over the Plowboys in Winters on Friday.

In the 2nd period, the Plowboys once again managed to put a mere 3 points on the board, while Winters added 19-points to their lead. At halftime, the score was 44-6.

Any adjustments that the Plowboys made at the break were futile. Not surprisingly, the Blizzards played tougher defense than they had in the first half. The 22 points that the Blizzards scored in the 3rd wasn't as impressive as the boys blanking Roscoe in the period. The Plowboys didn't hit a field goal, layup or free throw during the 3rd period. Once again, the Blizzards speed and quickness caused Roscoe to commit fouls.

In the 4th period, Winters took their foot off the gas, but they didn't hit the brakes. The boys only put up 12 points during that period, which was 8 more than Roscoe put up. Winters defeated the Plowboys sevenfold, 78-10.

The Blizzards travel to Miles on January 12, to take on the Bulldogs. The game has all the markings of being a barn burner, with the Bulldogs sitting at 8-2 on the season. The Bulldogs have a high-powered offense that can get good, solid runs going. As with Winters, the Bulldogs transition game is well executed.

Miles is averaging just over 57 points per game this season, while Winters is averaging 50 points. The game should come down to defense, each trying to stop the other's high-flying offense. Miles is giving up 44 points per game while Winters is only giving up 32 points.

Lady Blizzards Fall

Winters Lady Blizzards' coach Brandon Postell goes over a play during a timeout in Winters 47-21 loss to the Roscoe Plowgirls on Friday.

The Lady Blizzards (2-14, 0-2) played host to the Roscoe Plowgirls (7-5, 2-1) on Friday night. The Lady Blizzards played hard, but, in the end, they fell by the score of 47-21.

It's been a tough season for the ladies with the team's 5 starters last year graduating. The team is young but they're working through their growing pains. The team is led by seniors Querstin Lara and Laken Green and junior Saleen Jalomo.

The girls played a solid first period, leading Roscoe,10-6. That would be the last time the Lady Blizzards had the lead. Roscoe stepped up their defense and forced several turnovers by Winters. The Plowgirls moved up and down the court with speed and determination, at times simply overpowering an inexperienced Lady Blizzards team.

Winters freshman Maelynn Gonzalez puts a shot up against the Roscoe Plowgirls on Friday. The Lady Blizzards ended up falling, 47-21.

To their credit, the ladies never stopped taking shots or playing defense. The girls came out in the second half and played better defense, but their shots just weren't falling. At one point, the ladies stopped 5 of the Plowgirls shots in a row, but weren't winning the transition game.

The team kept hard until the last second on the clock ticked away. Coach Brandon Postell commented after the game, "We're young. We have a lot of young girls and we're still figuring out which lineups are the most successful. After that, we just have to attack the basket. In the 2nd and 3rd periods, we were losing in transition. That was the deal breaker. The game got away from us. When we turned the ball over, Roscoe made us pay for it by making layups. When they turned the ball over, we didn't make them pay for it by making layups. That's the key stat in the game, right there. We're getting better over the course of the year. We've had a lot of different lineups that we've tried. We're still trying to piece it all together. Once we get a line up, that will make the difference. We have some young players who are trying to learn on the fly, and that's always a challenge."

On January 12, the Lady Blizzards will travel to Miles to take on another struggling team, the Miles Lady Bulldogs (3-7. 0-2).