FTP: Basketball and brides

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

Friday night I went to Garden City to watch Wink play Winters in a basketball playoff game. Wink is still undefeated, but the Blizzards did a great job keeping the Wildcats in check for more than three quarters. The Blizzards can be proud of their efforts. The Garden City gym was remarkable. It was like a college facility. There were no bleachers. There were seats with backs and extra large pull down seats. ( I don’t know the correct name for this “sit on part”). They were nice and comfortable. The trophy cases at Garden City were packed with athletic and academic awards. I was very impressed with the variety found in each category.

Sunday I emceed the wedding showcase in San Angelo. There were many brides with their posses walking around shopping for every aspect of the wedding process. You could book a location, a photographer, and everything else needed for the perfect event. I felt sorry for the boyfriends and fiances shopping with their soon to be wives. The guys could obviously have cared less and would much rather have stayed home, or just as easily volunteered to elope. To the guys who attended you have my respect. These deals are long and not real exciting for guys. I wish all the attendees the best of luck and happiness as they begin the marriage voyage. Channel Change.        

Good luck to all the young folks moving on in their sporting and stock show activities. I am always impressed with the commitment these youth show in their respective events and they still maintain good grades. Keep doing well and represent your school and community with pride. Be Well, Gary K