FTP: Ice, sports & COVID

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

The other day I traveled to Big Spring with a good friend to watch the MIles High School boys basketball team play Wink in a playoff game (Wink is undefeated). My friend is a Wink alumni so out of courtesy I sat with him on the Wink side. My red shoes and Miles hat caught the attention of more than one Wink fan. The result of the game was not what the Bulldog nation wanted. We were out-sized and out-gunned, but not out-hearted. The Wildcats had too much for us to handle. It was like a pod of Volkswagens being attacked by a heard of Chryslers. They were huge and used that to their advantage. It was an experience to grow upon for next season. Congrats to the power lifting team on their good results at the meet in Eldorado.

I noticed Big Spring had water breaks all over their town. The freeze has sure messed up some lives. I heard a church member say every pipe in his rental property burst. One member said they had two water wells explode because of the freeze. I hope the weather is back to normal (What ever normal is for Texas). I offer prayers for every person struggling with recovery issues. Please keep the folks working to repair our power and plumbing issues in your prayers. Their jobs are just going to get worse. I’d say smile and wave at these folks, but with a mask on, the smile can’t be seen.              

Please keep wearing your masks. The COVID just adds more drama to our lives. Please know this. We will get over this crazy ride, and we will survive. Do the right thing and help others as we work together to get through this crisis. Be Well, Gary K