From the Pastor: Snow and toothpaste

Rev. Gary Karschner
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

How ‘bout this snow!! It has been beautiful, but the low temperatures made it unpleasant to play in! I say this without personally going out into the storm. I watched from the back patio and that was enough. The fact it was a dry snow made snowmen and snowball making impossible. I say thank you to all who had to be out in the weather doing their jobs. The linemen who had to fix downed poles, lines, and blown transformers deserve a big round of applause. Doing that work in good conditions is hard enough, but having to do it in nasty weather is next to impossible to handle. Those who tried to keep the roads cleared deserve recognition also. If you see any of these public servants, please give them a kind word of thanks. 

Why is 72 on the thermostat in the winter not the same as 72 on the thermostat in the summer? Red and I have had more than one discussion about the setting of our thermostat. That is probably just our problem. I’ll bet you readers never have those issues. Channel change.

The other day Red picked up an electric toothbrush for me to try. It moves like the dentist’s polishing brush and it’s sure nice. Note to self, though! Be sure to put toothpaste on the brush and THEN put the brush into your mouth before turning it on!! You know, for a little old brush it sure can throw the toothpaste a long way! Live and learn! 

Good luck to the athletes moving on in the playoffs. Travel safely and represent your team well. You not only represent your school, but you also are representing your town. Be sure and do it with pride and show good sportsmanship.  Be well, Gary K.

Gary Karschner is the pastor of Miles’ First United Methodist Church and a frequent contributor to the Runnels County Register.