Super Bowl, Super Stew

Gary Karschner
Special to the Runnels County Register
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

Last Sunday the Methodist Church in Miles had their annual Super Bowl Stew Fest. I can tell you we had plenty of stew, desserts and cornbread left over. But I can also tell you we set a record for the number of folks we served. We would certainly have wanted to serve more folks, but considering the health concerns the COVID is creating, I am very pleased and proud of the results we experienced. I thank all the people and groups who came and purchased stew and supported our church and its efforts in the community. We even had young ladies selling Girl Scout Cookies for folks wanting to satisfy their sweet tooth. I have to tell you I am very proud of the folks who worked Sunday at the Stew Fest.

The members worked smoothly to collect, plate, and serve all the meals taken out to the waiting vehicles. It was slick. The young folks from our church were running the orders to the delivery folks, and from payment to delivery time it was less than thirty seconds. Talk about fast food… it happened Sunday at Weatherby Hall in Miles. I again, thank all the folks who purchased meals from us, and encourage folks who were unable to come by this year to mark this date on your calendar next year. It is always on Super Bowl weekend.

How ‘bout that Super Bowl? I didn’t care who won or lost. It was fun watching the event without worrying about which team won or lost. I liked the fly-over. The half-time entertainment still has me baffled. I did not know the songs or the artist so I can honestly say I don’t know if he did a good job or not. I can say with some conviction the dancers at half-time were terrible. Some folks said it looked like they were wearing underwear on their heads. (I am being filtered).

The half-time show cost a bunch of money, but I didn’t see the bang for the buck it offered. Maybe at the Super Bowl next year we will all be filled with stew and homemade desserts and one of the Texas teams will be on the tube and there will finally be a good half time show. Then that will be a game I will have some interest in watching and rooting for a team. Channel Change.

The MHS boys’ basketball team will be making the journey into the playoffs. I wish them all luck and safety as they travel to Big Spring to meet the Wildcats from Wink. I went to the ‘fifth quarter’ Friday night and saw over forty Miles youth playing ping pong, cornhole and board games until well after midnight. (I left early but I have it on good authority they stayed late). There was good food and I know personally of the groceries offered to the kids. Thank you to all the folks who took the time to make the event happen. Who won the ping pong tournament? Keep praying for rain. Be Well, Gary K