FTP: Christmas gifts

Gary Karschner

As Christmas gets closer my mind wanders back to my youth and the decorations and gifts that were expected every year in December. I can’t tell you how many times I helped my dad put up and take down the Christmas lights. This was the time of having real glass light bulbs on the strings. We put a string of solid blue lights around the big picture window of the house. Have you ever heard the noise a string of lights makes when they break on the concreate driveway? It is loud and the visual of the bulbs exploding is pretty cool. Dad would get pretty hot over those moments. Now the lights are more durable and cheaper.  Now a person can afford to throw away a string of lights if there is a short in the line. I like that. My time is more valuable than to spend two hours on a three dollar string of lights. Anyone else feel that way? Yeah, we all have our stories of putting in new bulbs and fuses, only to repeat the process again and again, and still never finding the electrical gremlins causing the shorts.

We also had those stencils you put on the windows and used spray snow to make an image. Those stencils had to be held securely on the window and we learned the cans of snow had to be at room temperature and shaken well before spraying. We also learned spray snow did not last until the next Christmas. We had a German glockenspiel we put up every year. This is a device that would turn when the candles would cause the propeller to turn and spin the characters on the wheel. I would get close and watch that thing turn all night long. I was mesmerized at the movement as the fan turned the angels.

We always knew some gifts were going to be found under the tree and with those gifts came the usual embarrassment of having to open packages in front of everyone. It was usually underwear of some sort and to a youngster this was horrible. I remember my daughter was so embarrassed at receiving her first training bra that she cried. We all felt terrible. When my son opened his Spider man skivvies  we all felt better. My father-in -law always received a box of chocolate covered cherries. We hated them and that was all right with him. I would always put things I got from the cheap store into their stockings. Things like a package of forty emery boards or a dozen little bottles of breath drops soon became expected every year. Still today these traditions we started years ago are expected on Christmas morning. Do you do your Christmas gift exchanging on Christmas Eve?  Channel Change. I have put together a one hour radio program of word and songs that tells the story of the birth of Christ. KCSA radio (97.1) has agreed to air this special show during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  The show will air at 5:00 P.M. and midnight on Christmas Eve. It will ask air at 10:00 A.M. on Christmas morning. The music has a mix of artists including Marty Robbins and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

I encourage you to take a moment and just relax and remember what we are celebrating on Christmas. Please keep praying for rain. We need it desperately. Be Well, Gary K.

The above article was written by Gary Karschner, pastor at the First United Methodist Church in Miles. Any opinions or views expressed in the article are not necessarily the opinions or views of The Runnels County Register, USA Today or Gannett Media.

Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church