From the Pastor - The masked man

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register

The other day I had a flashback to my youth. Remember the phrase, “Who was that masked man”? What man was that phrase referring to? Yeah, the Lone Ranger. The other day at a funeral two men spoke to me and I have to tell you I did not recognize them. I had my mask on and so did they. I asked Red “who were those masked men”? Anyone else having these problems? It is not rudeness. It is not recognizing the person beyond the mask. That is why the stage robbers put bandanas over their faces. They were hiding their identities. That was why they wore them. They were robbers. I have encouraged our church members to wear masks in church, not to hide their identity, but because we want to keep our church healthy. I hope I can recognize everyone in this new world we will be living in.  We are not in Kansas anymore, and I am afraid where we actually are is where we will be residing for a long time.  Yes, the times they are a changing.

How are you going to be experiencing Thanksgiving events? Yes, the times they are a changing. I pray for our nation and it’s residents. What we knew is no more. Channel change.

I love Miles, AMERICA. Where else can you send a letter to the Methodist church in Miles, TX without an address and it gets delivered. Thank you post office folks. That is why small towns have such charm and special feelings of friendship.

I read the one act play is moving on and many of the participants were recognized for their efforts. I say well done. Keep on showing how we do things in Miles.  Saturday night the Bulldogs played a good Snook team at a field in Austin. The outcome wasn’t what we wanted, but the experience was priceless. Put that into your memory bank for future reference.

Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church