From the Pastor: Miles Ministerial Alliance

Staff Writer
Runnels County Register
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles United Methodist Church.

Wednesday the Miles Ministerial Alliance gave out food boxes to some local residents. The rain held off for most of the time so it was a great day. I personally thank the volunteers who come out on a regular basis to get the food sorted and distributed. If you would like to offer a couple of hours a month to make a difference in some peoples’ lives, please call Jane Jescke for information. You will feel better for the experience. Don’t forget the Ministerial Alliance spiral coin bank at Los Carlos restaurant. That money helps put gas into travelers’ tanks or pay bills for folks struggling to make ends meet. We are all in this together so join in on our activities.

I am going to attend some school athletic events this week. I have my mask and will sit accordingly. Strange, but very necessary. I know some folks have had the virus and are slowly getting better. They will tell you this Covid deal is real.

The other day I was at a four-way intersection waiting and waiting for my turn to clear the intersection. It was like watching a junior high school dance. Most of the folks thought they knew what to do, but they were not confident enough to take the lead. It was start and stop, and start and stop for a very long time before we passed through the intersection. If my memory serves correctly it is the first one at the intersection that goes first, or you yield to the right if you are not sure. How many times have you just waved someone thorough so you would not have to do this four way shuffle? What we thought we knew often changes with age and memory.

Speaking of memory, how many of you remember knowing where the coldest water fountain in the school or town was located? By the way, this was when you drank from a fountain and didn’t carry a bottle of water around with you. Strange to think about actually drinking from a water fountain, but we did. I always favored that little fountain attached to the soft drink machines. Those drink machines where you had to pull the bottles through the cold water maze were my favorites. Anyone else remember those machines? That water was cold. I hope the water going to the fountain was not from the water in the tank. I never thought of that before. Next time I will look closer.

I found a new beverage game. It works like this. Get your favorite beverage and watch any television program. When a person on television says ah or um, you have to take a sip from your drink. See how long before you are done or your beverage is empty. Free entertainment. Option. Play the game like slug bug and instead of sipping try slugging the person‘s arm next to you. Make sure you tell the people around you that your are playing this game. Please keep praying for the rains.

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