From the Pastor - Friday night and football

Staff Writer
Runnels County Register

Friday night I worked the gate at the Miles football game. Lions club president, Max Eschberger and I took tickets and visited with the folks coming to the game. It was most enjoyable and the weather was great. I would like to offer a few observations about the evening. First, a high ranking school official brought Max and me a cold glass of tea. This act of kindness was unsolicited and was very much appreciated. Thank you.

Second, during the playing of the national anthem I was impressed by the youth who sent “hush” messages to their playmates who continued to play during the playing of the song. Slowly the silence the moment deserved was realized. Maybe next time there will be no need for “hushing” messages to be given. Parents, encourage your kiddos to understand what the proper behavior is during the playing of our national anthem. As a veteran this touches me differently. If you are a vet you understand of what I speak.

Third and lastly, the many guests coming to the game were very courteous and energetic. It was fun meeting and talking to everyone at the gate. I apologize if I did not offer a proper greeting to you. With so many masks on it was hard to see who you were. If you speak it helps, but sometimes even that doesn’t help. Let me change the channel to a delicate subject.

The Covid virus is real. I know many of you readers say I’m nuts, and that may or may not be true, but the fact remains people are dying from this alleged virus.

At the game I found it ironic that people were wearing masks but shaking hands instead of bumping knuckles or elbows. I know of many people who thought the virus was a fake, joke, conspiracy, etc., but now have been tested positive. I know many of you will scoff this offering, but I say to you, please humor us and wear a mask when you are asked to wear one and follow the suggestions of the professionals monitoring this virus.

I really enjoy serving as a Lion taking tickets at the football games. Here’s hoping everyone stays safe and well as the school year continues.

The Miles United Methodist Church will be having their annual sausage festival on Sunday, October 4th at Weatherby Hall. It will be a drive through event this year. Pre-order your bulk sausage early. We will all have to adjust a few things this year so please help us help you. We are all going to be following appropriate safety requirements.

Please keep praying for rain. I saw it rain last week in Brownwood. From the time I left Brownwood it went from 89 degrees to 99 degrees when I got back to San Angelo. Crazy stuff.