From the Pastor: Movie Reviews

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Runnels County Register
Runnels County Register

When you go to a movie what influences your thought process? Is it a friend’s opinion of a flick, or the highly paid, often overrated film critics thoughts on a film? I hate to say this, but their thoughts of what is good and what is not sometimes just doesn’t cut it with me. Their reviews make me wonder what movie they were watching when they wrote their review. I’m just saying, we very often don’t agree. I trust Bubba and Bubbette’s opinion more that some film critic in Chicago or New York to give me their honest thoughts about a flick. Movies are different but often they are very much alike. Have you seen the same plot twists and ask yourself why it is happening again? If my car breaks down in a storm I am staying in the car and not going to the house on the hill with no lights on. That house is bad news. If I’m going to die, I will die in my car. If I am going anywhere with a girl or lady, I am going to put ankle braces on her ankles, because if the chance of us having to run is in the plot, I am not going to let her twist her ankle when we are being chased by the chainsaw wielding man with a hockey mask. This particular man, lives not surprisingly enough, in the house on the hill next to where my car has broken down. How many times has this happened before? Stay in the car and don’t go through the cemetery as a short cut. Nuff said.

At the end of many movies the last image is the “money shot”. Think of courtroom endings. How many times do they shoot that last image of the winning underdog putting his or her yellow pad into his or her briefcase and looking around at the empty courtroom? This shot is usually taken from a giant ladder looking down at this lone image. Yeah, that’s the one. Let me close my movie rant with one last closing image. Think of that cowboy hero with the little buckaroo standing next to him, and they are looking into the setting sun. Behind them is the burning town, or the cross on the grave on the hill, or the townspeople walking back to their town. The hero says to the little one, “my work is done here now, Joe. Let’s go home”. If this would be a Texas film it would have been, “my work here is done now, Billy Bob Joe Tom Ray Bubba Dean. Let’s go home”. That’s what I mean. Channel change.

Don’t forget to pray for rain everyday at 3:00 P.M. Nothing fancy, just a short prayer or the printed prayer we shared here last week will work. Make it yours. Don’t forget to pray for our nation. I ask for healing and repair of our country.

Gary Karschner is the pastor at the First United Methodist Church in Miles. The opinions and views expressed in his article are his, and his alone. They do not reflect the opinions and views of the Runnels County Register, USA Today or Gannett Media.