Looking out the kitchen window

Staff Writer
Runnels County Register

I remember a time I was looking out the kitchen window and noticed a lot of movement outside. There were all kinds of birds in the backyard and so many different colors, shapes and sizes and there was a lot of activity. Many of the birds were looking for food and finding it because my wife has little feeders for them and we also put out our old bread. There are also old pecans hulls with little pieces of pecans in them. There is a birdbath and a little pond for them. They like to play in the water and they take baths, even on some of the cold days.

There are trees and little bushes that they can play in or rest or find protection. Sometimes there is danger and my wife has helped them in that area, first she had the veterinarian remove the front claws from the old cat. Then she put a tiny bell on his collar. Now the ol cat doesn’t like it but it is a lot harder for him to catch the little birds.

Watching out window reminded me about something in this life. God has provided for our needs, (Psalm 34:10, Luke 12:24 & 27, Philippians 4:19, John 10:10). Yesterday my wife and I were eating out and a waitress brought us all the things we ordered and neatly placed them before us and as she walked away she said, “Enjoy.” See you in church next Sunday. Brother J