Runnels County SWCD announces essay and poster winners

Kay Mansell, Runnels County SWCD press release

RUNNELS COUNTY - The Runnels Soil & Water Conservation District recently handed out awards for their annual annual essay and poster contest. The contest is open to students at all of the schools in Runnels County.

A Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), like a county or school district, is a subdivision of State government. A SWCD is brought into existence by a vote of the landowners within the boundaries of a district. It is administered by a board of five directors who are elected by their fellow landowners. After the passage of the Texas Soil Conservation Law and with the establishment of the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB), SWCDs began to be formed.

To bring a district into existence, a minimum of 50 local agricultural landowners had to petition the TSSWCB requesting the creation of a district. Following the filing of the petition, the TSSWCB held a hearing on the question of desirability and necessity for a district. If facts presented at the hearing determined a favorable need, the TSSWCB conducted an election within the proposed district on the proposition of creating a conservation district. At least two-thirds of the votes cast by local agricultural landowners must have been positive in order to create a new district.

To assure geographical representation on the district's governing board, SWCDs are divided into five subdivisions. A district's governing body, a board of directors, is made up of agricultural landowners, one from each of five subdivisions. Each district director must live in the district, own land in the subdivision he or she represents, and be actively engaged in farming or ranching.

The following is a press release from the NRCS - Runnels SWCD.

Each year, the Runnels Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) is proud to sponsor the Conservation Poster and Essay Contests for area students.

Olfen 6th grade poster winners: Isabella Flores 1st Plac;e Andrea Knight 2nd Place; Robert Smith 3rd Place.

Ribbons were awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each grade level at each school district. Posters from all the grades were combined and judged to select the overall area winners.

Olfen 4th grade poster winners: Ruth Beck 1st Place (unavailable); Myha Stemadel 2nd Place; Erick Carillo, Jr. 3rd Place.

The theme for the poster contest was “Healthy Soils = Healthy Life”. Over 70 posters were received from students in the Ballinger, Miles, and Olfen school districts.

Miles 4th grade poster winners: Leonel Rodriquez 1st Place; Grace Narro 2nd Place; Hudson Tuxhorn 3rd Place.

Cash awards of $50, $30, and $20 respectively were presented by Runnels SWCD to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall area winners. The 1st place overall area poster winner, Nevaeh Bradish is in the fifth grade at Ballinger ISD.

Nevaeh received an engraved plaque signifying her accomplishments in conservation education. Ms. Busenlehner is Nevaeh’s teacher.

Ballinger 5th grade poster winners: Nevaeh Brandish 1st Place (1st PLACE OVERALL); Kirklynn 2nd Place (2nd PLACE OVERALL); Cody Moore 3rd Place (3rd PLACE OVERALL).

Second place overall poster winner was Kirklynn Paige at Ballinger ISD. Third place overall poster winner was Cody Moore at Ballinger ISD.

Olfen 5th grade poster winners: Tristen Williams 1st Place; Owen Dixon 2nd Place (unavailable); B. J. Modkins-Perez 3rd Place

The 1st place essay winner was Caiden Gardner at Olfen ISD, 2nd place essay winner Noah Kure at Olfen ISD, and 3rd place essay winner was Aiden Kure at Olfen ISD.

Olfen 3rd grade poster winners: Zayden Knight 1st Place; Matthew Jirasek 2nd Place; Dominic Longoria 3rd Place (unavailable).

Runnels SWCD would like to thank the many administrators, teachers and students who helped make this year’s poster contest educational and fun for all those who took part.