FTP: Old Texas Theater & The Derby

Pastor Gary Karschner

Last week, at the invitation of a friend, I went to the Old Texas Theater in Ballinger. The owners are turning the old theater into a venue offering live entertainment and quality family dining options.

Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

I had been in the theater a few years ago when we took our church youth group there to watch a movie and dine on burgers. The facility still holds the charm and classic feel of an old movie house. The lights and furnishings keep that theme moving forward. The old movie posters took me back to my younger years. I saw a poster promoting the movie "Smoky" about a horse. It starred Fess Parker. Did you know Fess was from San Angelo? I was still impressed with the cleanliness and layout of the facility.

I did feel the new owners are learning the business and still have some things to improve upon. Food service is tough. Serving good food quickly is an art. They are working on it and making great strides. The gentleman who sang karaoke was good. His enthusiasm was contagious. I encourage you to go to the Old Texas Theater with your friends to make it a party experience.

The place is massive so grab your family and make it a fun evening of food and karaoke. Be sure to stop there when they have live entertainment. Live entertainment is better than dead entertainment any day. I look forward to my next visit there. If they have an open stage moment, I will gladly offer to emcee the event. Stop by the Old Texas Theater in downtown Ballinger and soak up the ambiance of a unique dining and entertainment venue. It is worth your time.

Last week I was joined with members of the Miles Ministerial Alliance to speak during the National Day Of Prayer at the Rowena VFW. It was a great home spun group of folks and veterans that welcomed us. Prayer is important and I was so glad we were given the opportunity to pray for our nation and its citizens. I thank the folks at the VFW for their kindness.

Please keep praying for rain. I have seen rain on the national weather forecasts so I know it still rains.      

Did you watch the running of the ‘fastest two minutes’ in sports? The Kentucky Derby is always a fun and whimsical event about a land far, far away, with people we do not see here in West Texas. This year was a record breaker. The story of the underdog winning is always a crowd pleaser. This year was no exception.

Spielberg could not have written a screen play with the twists and surprises  we watched when Rich Strike, the on-deck horse won the Derby. It was perfect. Be Well, Gary K.