FTP: Strange stuff

Gary Karschner

I had some strange thoughts of stuff that struck me as being strange.

Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

Think of fishing at the lake and seeing a young boy with a cane pole with a bobber rig with a worm or corn on the hook as bait. All of his gear is in a beat up lunch box.

Next, think about a professional bass fisherman with his super expensive shiny bass boat with all the gadgets and underwater fish detectors speeding across the lake.

Next is the strange thing about these two. The kid is throwing out his ten foot line ten feet into the lake hoping for a bite. The fisherman in his fancy boat scoots across the lake and stops thirty feet from the boy fishing on the shore with his cane pole. The fisherman puts out his trolling motor and casually casts his thirty dollar lure within ten feet of the shore the boy is standing on.

The two of them are fishing within a few feet of each other. The boy is happy fishing off the bank, but you can bet he wishes he had a fancy boat and gear to fish in the middle of the lake.

The boat owner knows that maybe the best fishing is to be found near or under the growth of the bank and he has the means to get there. The boy is just happy to have the opportunity to fish and not worry about anything.

Strange how each person is in search of the same fish, but each does it their own way. Be happy where you are because others may want to be in your place, but they don’t know how to get there. Strange for sure.

Next, as a youth did you have a car? Was is dependable? Was it pretty? Were you happy just to have a ride? What are you driving now? Strange how our priorities change as we get older. Remember what we want is not always what we need. Think about that idea. You may want it, but do you need it? We need rain. Please keep praying for abundant rain to fall on our parched earth.