Agrilife: Pesticide Waste Collection and 2022 Millersview Wheat Tour

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register

RUNNELS COUNTY - Texas A&M Agrilife has a couple of events coming up that are of interest to local farmers and others.

Texas A&M Agrilife has an upcoming Agricultural Waste Collection on April 20, and the 2022 Millersview Wheat Tour on May 5th.

The first one is the April 20 Pesticide Waste Collection in Mereta. The list of materials accepted and not accepted are as follows:

ACCEPTED: Outdated, discontinued or unwanted agricultural pesticides; insecticides; herbicides; fungicides; rodenticides; nematicides; growth regulators; empty, triple-rinsed pesticide containers (55 gal. max); empty or partial metal drums.

Pesticides must be kept in original containers, even if the label is not present. unidentified pesticides will be sampled and identified on-site.

NOT ACCEPTED: Explosive ordinances and ammunition; petroleum-based products; paints; medical wastes; radioactive substances; household pesticides, chemicals, and waste; tires; fertilizers, propane or butane cylinders; chlorinated hydrocarbons; fumigant canisters; used motor oil and other automobile fluids; auto batteries; empty totes; methyl-bromide cylinders; dioxins (2,4-5T, Silvex, TCDD, etc.)

Pesticide dealers and commercial businesses are not allowed to participate. For questions or additional information contact the Tom Green County Extension Office at (325) 659-6522, the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) San Antonio Regional Office at (10) 820-0288, or TDA Austin Headquarters at (512) 463-7622.

2022 Millersview Wheat Tour

The 2022 Millersview Wheat Tour will be on Thursday, May 5, 2020. The location will be at the Millersview gym located at 12199 CF 6009 in Millersview, TX. The program will run from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Topics will include: Laws and Regulations (Cory Pence); Seeding Rate, Quality and When to Plant (Dr. Reagan Noland); Grain Marketing Update (Dr. Mark Welch); Weather Outlook (NOAA); Grain Marketing/Quality Panel Discussion; Seed Treatment Use for Pest Management (Brad Easterling); Weed Management in Small Grains (Dr. Reagan Noland); What is Forage Insurance? (Dr. Jason Johnson); Variety Selection and Fertility (Dr. Jackie Rudd).

Attendees can receive 5 CEU's (must be present to receive the credits).

The lunch sponsor is Central Texas Farm Credit. The lunch will be free and includes catered catfish by Boondocks.

For more information, contact McCulloch County Agrilife at (325) 597-1295, or the Concho County Extension Officer at (325) 732-4303.