FTP: The Pinto, the Commodore and the beer

Gary Karschner

I have a few thoughts to offer this day with my stuff. I am not a tech-savvy person. As one friend put it I am an analog mind in a digital age.

Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

I am slow to come around  to changes. I like my Pinto car. My Commodore 64 works well. It is slow like me, but it does work. My flip phone may not literally have all the bells and buttons these new phones have, but it does still work. It may not work in certain parts of the country or in certain parts of the house or in certain parts of town, but it still works… sometimes it works better than others.

I still don’t pay four dollars for a two-bit cup of coffee. Still don’t understand that one. When water and sodas started costing more than a bier, I said here’s your sign. I don’t drink bier much anymore. I do like a Yuengling once in a while. We were in Pennsylvania twenty-six years ago and went to this tiny brewery in Pottstown, PA. The Yeuengling brewery is the longest active brewery in existence today. They survived prohibition by selling sodas and near beer. We met the owner of the brewery and were taken by him and his operation. Since that time they have grown enough to extend their operations to our area. If you want a bier that tastes like real German bier, give Yuengling a try.

Today I offer some food for thought. How does a thermos know to keep the liquid placed into it cold or hot? Have you ever had a seed get caught in your teeth and you worked it loose and bit into it, only to find it was very nasty tasting? Ever get a jalapeno seed? Did you ever ask for plain iced tea and they brought you sweet tea? That will wake you up. Did you ever think you were  getting a chicken fried steak and it was fried liver? Nuff said.

Have you ever missed your exit more than once because the road signs were confusing? By the time I get my map unfolded to where I could read where I was, I wasn’t there anymore. One last thought, I hope the college championship football game is a good one. I would say the same thing about the Cowboys, but with them, you never know who will show up. Keep praying for rain. Be Well, Gary K.