FTP: College football Cooler Dump: It ain't just Gatorade anymore

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register

Just a few thoughts about stuff for this new year. I have watched too many football Bowl Games. Happily, most of the Bowl Games have been very good. I grew up thinking the Big Four were all the games you needed to watch at the close of the year. The Cotton, Orange, Sugar and Rose Bowls were the only ones that really mattered. There were many others but those four were the most important. I watched some of the others just because there was nothing else on, or I had a team of interest playing in a Bowl Game.

Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

The Big Four this year were all very good games and none of them were run away games. The way they have the college football championship playing out is pretty fair. If you want to be in the championship game keep winning all your games, and win the final two games you play, and you will be the national champion. I have lived in Georgia and Alabama and personally witnessed the intensity the fans feel about this rivalry.

Texas college football has some intensity, but I have to say the level of craziness between the Tide and War Eagle fans beats us here in Texas. This is just my opinion. Think of what the Texas and Arkansas football games used to be like. Texas and the Aggies don’t play football anymore so that rivalry is no longer a big deal. Moves to or from new conferences take away some of that intensity. The final game should be a quality game, going down to the last down, to settle who the national champion will be.  

Did you see some of the celebrations the coaches were exposed to as they won their respective games. In addition to the cold Gatorade cooler dump the coaches were given, there were some other special opportunities offered by the bowl they were playing in. One coach was covered in french fries.

One had a cooler of Cheetos dumped on him, and the last and most yucky dump came at the Duke’s Mayo Classic. The winning coach had a cooler of mayonnaise dumped on his head. That has to be the worst cooler dump this year. Think of the opportunities that might come with the Wolf Brand Chili Bowl game. What about the Tobasco Hot Sauce Bowl game, or the Quickie Oil Change Bowl game? Those might be pretty uncomfortable also.

I hope you are all having a good start to this new year. Keep praying for the future of our country, and for rains to drench our cracked dry earth. We need moisture to fall upon us. Be Well, Gary K.