FTP: Bath robes, halos: The pageantry of a Christmas play

Gary Karschner
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

Sunday evening we had our children and youth perform their Christmas play and dinner at the church. There were many parents, grandparents, friends, and siblings in attendance. I bet you readers have all experienced some form or fashion of a kids' Christmas production before. Were you a shepherd wearing a bathrobe with a rope and towel tied around your head? Were you an angel with wings and a tilted halo on your head? Were you a wise man wearing a Burger King crown and holding an Avon bottle to offer baby Jesus? Maybe you were old enough to be Mary or Jesus, holding a real infant, surrounded by many numbers of the heavenly hosts. Does this sound familiar?

Yeah, that’s what we did Sunday night. We had music, solos and then we went in to the fellowship hall to have light snacks and desserts to close out the evening. I forgot to mention the youngsters having to get their obligatory picture in costume standing in front of the Christmas Tree. Those pictures become more valuable with each passing Christmas pageant, when you see the progression of the characters the youngsters portray each year. Time flies for these youngsters... and their families.  

Santa made an appearance and that was the best part for the kids. It was a good night. I offer my personal thanks to all the church members and friends who assisted and made the program the success it was. Channel change.

Does it seem possible the Winter Olympics will be here in less than two months? It is creeping up on us and already there seems to be some political debates lifting their heads. I hope we do not have issues that take away from the pure competition of the Olympics. It is so unfair to the athletes who have devoted their entire lives to these events. Let them do what they do well. Let’s pray for all to go off without ANY issues to distract from the beauty of the Olympics.

I hope you all have your shopping lists made and your shopping is nearly completed. I have heard of people who shop for Christmas on Christmas eve. I don’t think I could ever do that. Maybe, if I have researched my items, knew exactly what I was buying, and where it was to be found for the best price, would I ever do that. That would not be actually shopping but just be a pick up service. The possibility of failure would stop me from ever doing that. Now if I can just remember where I put those gifts I bought last summer!?

Please pray for rain. Our earth needs the moisture. Be Well, Gary K