FTP: Christmastime, and is it time to change time?

Gary Karschner
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

This week officially begins the Christmas season. I say officially because is there really any official day that begins the season of Christmas? What day is the official start of Christmas for you? The Friday after Thanksgiving was one marker I thought of as one official date. The first of December was another day I remember using as a marker for Christmas. I also thought the first Christmas special on television was the starting date.

Personally, I don’t think there is anything or any date that is the official ‘post time’ to start the Christmas season. Retailers want the official date to start Christmas shopping to be just North of October. If they had their way, Christmas shopping would begin just after July. By the time Christmas would finally arrive we shoppers would be exhausted from buying Christmas gifts, and we would have to struggle with the challenge of remembering where we hid all those gifts we bought weeks before. I wish you all luck finding just that exact gift you have been searching for, and I hope you can remember where that good place was you hid that gift. Channel change.                                          

I have been following the Angelo State University football team’s progress on the road to the championship. When I was in school at ASU, Red and I were loyal followers of all the athletic teams. In 1978 we followed them closely. I was in school with several of the members of the team and you could feel the electricity that grew with each victory. That was the year they won their national championship. Red was very, very pregnant with our son Cody. The championship game was held in McAllen on December 16, 1978, so the doctor would not let her travel. Cody was born on December 21st! We listened to the game on the radio and celebrated their victory in Mayer Hall.

With the team doing so well it has unleashed many lost memories. I was the bus driver for the football teams coming to play ASU at the San Angelo stadium. I picked the teams up at their hotels and took them to the stadium and after the game drove them to a restaurant (Zentner's Daughter if memory serves) and took them back to their motel. I do remember the teams’ mood was different after the game was over. I wish the Rams continued good luck when they play the Colorado School of Mines. Every player on that team is an engineering major of some sort or fashion. If you receive academic awards on that team, you are something special. I hope the weather in the mountains is good for the game.    

The local weather has been great. I hope it continues. I know we need some rain and that would be okay, but keep that snow away from me. If, and I say if carefully, it is going to snow then let us have that big, big snowfall and get it over and done with. I have lived in parts of the country where that snow lasted for weeks and would never melt. Let the kids play, parents shovel and the brave drive. Personally, I want a wet snow. This is harder to shovel, but it makes for some really good snowmen and snowball fights. The wet snow also helps put moisture back into the ground. Change again.          

How are you dealing with this time change? Me too. I am struggling with these hours. The animals and the babies don’t understand the clocks change.  They want to be fed at the same time they were fed before the time change came about. I think Congressman Pfluger would get some ground-swelling support if he would be the one guy to support a bill to promote elimination of this ‘Spring forward, Fall backwards deal’ and create a bill to just leave the clocks alone and never change them again. What do you think of that idea? Give him a call and make that suggestion or send him this article. It can’t hurt. Let common sense start with this change. Be Well, Gary K.