Lindberg returns for ghost hunt at The Olde Park Hotel

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register
The hands of Chad Lindberg and other paranormal investigators on the planchette for the massive Ouija Board that they used during part of the ghost hunt.

Chad Lindberg, the Hollywood actor and paranormal investigator, returned to Ballinger to host another ghost hunt at Ballinger's, Olde Park Hotel. Lindberg has been here previously to investigate the paranormal at the hotel, which is considered one of the most haunted places in the nation.

Lindberg's acting resume's is lengthy, including some movie blockbusters such as The Fast and the Furious, City of Angels, and The Last Samurai. Lindberg's television credits include recurring characters on Supernatural, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, ER, CSI: NY, Blue, and Sneaky Pete, among others.

The Puyallup, Washington native hasn't given up his acting career to hunt ghosts, he's worked the pursuit of the paranormal into his busy schedule, conducting investigations across the nation. The last time he was in Ballinger, it was standing-room-only at The Olde Park Hotel, this time he had a small select crew with him, including hotel owners Dan and Connie LaFave, experienced paranormal investigators in their own right.

Chad Lindberg prepares to put his hands on the planchette on a large Ouija board at the Olde Park Hotel. Lindberg flew in from Los Angeles to conduct the paranormal investigation on November 13, 2021.

Lindberg discussed the subject of skeptics when it comes to ghost hunting, "They will sit here and tell you that they don't believe in ghosts. But, tell them, 'If you doubt it so much, walk all the way down that dark hallway by yourself.' They won't do it."

One thing is for certain, Lindberg believes 100% in what he's doing. He's not the most dominant personality in the room as many might expect Hollywood actors to be, but he's the most exuberant, with an infectious excitement. He's animated as he describes what the evening of ghost hunting will entail, his eyes filled with the passion of his pursuit of the paranormal. The ghost hunter was asked about the excitement of returning to Ballinger for the ghost hunt, "There always seems to be a lot of activity here (The Olde Park Hotel), and I don't think that anyone who has come here has left without some sort of experience. Nobody walks out of here and says, 'Nah, it's not haunted.' You can't deny that there is a certain feeling about it."

Lindberg says that he believes when people pass on, it's not like many believe it will be, "It's incomprehensible to our minds. We can't understand it what will happen."

The first order of business was to hook up a paranormal device called a "Phasma Box," a device which Lindberg says picks up sounds from the world of paranormal, basically giving the ghosts a voice.  Anyone can download the Phasma Box, which on this night had a loud, aggressive male voice speaking from time to time. Dan LaFave believes it's the ghost of a notorious gunfighter and hired killer who came through here name Jim "The Deacon" Miller. Lindberg asked, "Is this Deacon?" The voice replied very loudly, and very clearly that it was "Deacon."

Chad Lindberg and his troupe a paranormal investigators put their hands on the planchette as they use a large Ouija board that was painted on the top a card table.

The voices were sometimes clear, sometimes just one voice, sometimes several voices, "They all have something to say. Sometimes all at once, sometimes individually. It's like when you get a lot of people in one room and they're all talking at the same time. They all try to talk over one-another and that's kind of what it is like with the spirits. I think the spirits are used to chatting people up. I always wonder what they get out of it. Are we helping them? Are we comforting to them?"

Lindberg was asked about the voice said to be that of The Deacon's, "When I hear a voice like that, it's a big thrill, because it's not necessarily what is being said, as much as it is how it's being said. You can feel when someone says something, you can feel the subtext. When you feel that aggression in the voice, you can't see what is answering you. What we're doing is not normal, or maybe it is. I tell people not to be afraid. When someone tells me that they think they're having paranormal activity, I tell them to make a space for the spirit."

When Lindberg says to make a space, he means an actual, physical space for the spirit, "I had an imp in my apartment when I was shooting Ghost Stalkers. They're like funny little troll fairies. But the one that I saw was like a black creature that crawled on the walls. I'd see it crawling all the time. One time I was sitting with my girlfriend and saw it behind the couch moving towards me. I lost sight of it, but my girlfriend saw it and said that it got bigger and had like a tentacle-like appendage. I felt it physically hop on my shoulder and move shirt. I was having such an issue with it that I had to do something. One night I was in the restroom and heard it scurry from the restroom down to the living room and rustle up the dishes. After all of that, my friend suggested that I build a place for it. So, I went and got some materials and built a little home for it. I think that they just want to be tended to."

Hollywood actor Chad Lindberg sets up a paranormal device that he says detects spirits during his ghost hunt at Ballinger's Olde Park Hotel.

Lindberg and his friends got into Ballinger and stayed at the hotel on Friday. He says that Friday night he woke up when something aggressively tapped on my shoulder, "It was tapping on my shoulder hard and woke me up. I was really tired so I rolled over and tuned on some calming sounds on Youtube and went back to sleep."

As far as reacting to ghosts, Lindberg says that there isn't really a wrong way to react, "I honestly don't believe that there is a wrong way to react. Our bodies aren't programmed to handle this confusion, this startling thing that happens, so we go into a kind of shock. Everyone handles it differently, so there isn't a wrong way. I tell people, 'Your mind is going to lie to you, but your body will tell you the truth. When something really happens, you'll know it.' Your body will feel it but your mind might be telling you that this isn't really happening. But, you know it is because you'll be feeling it.

The level of excitement during the ghost hunt never waned. The group went into a back room of the hotel with the LaFaves and started using a massive Ouija board that was painted on the top of a card table. Lindberg had an EVP recorder going that the group says caught another aggressive voice speaking to them.

The night wasn't short on excitement nor anxious moments, with aggressive voices sometimes speaking alone, multiple voices speaking, and some unintelligible sounds coming forth from the various devices. Much of the excitement was caught on a Facebook Live feed on the hotel's official Facebook page while Lindberg had a live Instagram feed going.

One thing is for certain: Lindberg will be back. This is one of his favorite places to conduct paranormal investigations and the LaFaves are always accommodating. The hotel has been featured on everything from The Travel Channel to the Discovery Channel, with paranormal investigators sending in requests to conduct investigations almost daily. There is no shortage of interest in ghost hunting at The Olde Park Hotel, with Lindberg leading the charge.