FTP: Policing the police and the grocery store

Gary Karschner
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

I have a few observations to offer this week. I am not passing judgement, I am just saying I have seen these things and want to know if I am over reacting to these situations. Please don’t punish me for these thoughts.

Don’t you think people should be able to count to ten before they go to a store and get into the ten items or less line? How many times have you seen that one individual standing in the ten or less line and they have two carts full of groceries? Ten is not that hard of a concept to understand.

Don’t you think police officers should follow the same laws as those they protect and serve? I get frustrated when a police vehicle passes me at a high rate of speed with no lights or sirens. (Granted I do not know their circumstances) If they are running hot, then put on your lights and siren and do what you have to do. Also, how can I encourage folks to use their turn signals (those blinky things) if the police officers do not use theirs. Seriously, law enforcement officers, and all folks in uniforms, bear more responsibility than we could imagine. If I had to stop a speeder and the driver went off on their tangent about why I am stopping them, and calling me an xxxxxx, and they want to call my supervisor to the scene so I can lose my badge, I don’t know how I would react. Don’t forget them using their phone to record the whole conversation. If this happened to you, would you for sure lose my temper. How would you react to those drivers? Thank you to our law enforcement officers.

It frustrates me when I see a person open a product at a grocery store and take some items from the package, and then close the package and put it back on the shelf. This really fries my bacon. Is this a criminal act? Do you or do you not address this person? There is the rub. You never know who is crazy these days, or if they are not playing with a full deck. (My former room mate from Tennessee called these folks one sandwich short of a picnic.)  What phrase or statement do you use to address these individuals?    

When you see people trying out for talent shows, and it is obvious they have no talent, do you wonder why their friends did not be honest with them and say ‘maybe you ought to sit this one out’. That is what friends do to keep friends from embarrassing themselves in front of millions of people. Do some of these people auditioning for these shows seem to have more talent than most of the performers actually making a living as performers? I do not understand how judges make their decisions. I have judged a few contests in my time and I guess each judge sees something different in each performer. How many times did you think, you knew without a doubt, who the winner was and then when they make the announcement of the winner, you are no where close to the final selections? It happens.

One last thought. Is anyone else besides me suffering from allergy problems? I can’t wait for that first freeze. Maybe that will knock out some of these pollen bombers that are making my eyes reach new levels of uncomfortableness. Be  thankful for the rains that have come to our earth. These rains make things grow, but these things cause pollen. Well, we still can use the moisture. Be Well, Gary K.