FTP: Mosquitoes, flu shots, and Aggies

Gary Karschner
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

Last Friday night, after the ball game, I suffered some moments of being light headed and feeling a little dizzy. I thought it odd and wondered why I would feel like I just got off a roller coaster. It was only after I wiped some blood from my legs and arms that I realized what caused my ailment. I remembered the mosquitoes at the game and how much blood I had given to the little critters. We Lions Club members worked the main gate taking tickets at the Miles ballgame, and after the sun went down we immediately became mosquito bait.

In an attempt to fight the hungry insects many folks attending the game left to get the mosquito spray from their cars. At the next home game we Lions might be selling five second blasts of bug spray to help folks fight the flying blood suckers.

Saturday night I played music for a wedding and reception. The event went very well. The noise in the Cactus Hotel went sky high when the Aggie crowd heard the final score in their game against Alabama. Immediately the bride handed me her phone, with the Aggie fight song cued up, and said play this. Well, I did and the crowd mechanically became a well-oiled machine on the dance floor, singing and swaying to the song. This never ceases to impress me. One individual from a state north of us said something about ‘Boomer Sooner’ and was quickly drowned out. I say what a great day it would have been if Texas had won their game against the ‘Oakies’. Channel change.

 Sunday after church I got my shingles shot. So far I have experienced no ill effects. (affects?... this point of grammar  always confuses me). I saw a television commercial with shingles patients showing the shingles on their body and telling about the discomfort they were experiencing. This was enough to cause me to think if I do get the shingles one visit to the doctor would cost me as much as this shot and I would not have to endure the pain of the ailment. Anyone reading this get the shingles? How did it go for you? I might or might not get the flu shot. Red got her flu shot and immediately felt ‘flu-ified’. She always has a reaction, but I guess it’s better than getting full-own flu!? I won’t get the flu shot after I have worked a ball game. My shortage of blood would surely weaken my immune system, and I would be guaranteed to feel like I had the flu.           Be Well, Gary K.