FTP: Squeals, wheels, and meals

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register
Miles United Methodist Church will have their annual Sausage Fest Sunday, October 3rd. It will be at Weatherby Hall in Miles, from 10:30 10 a.m. -1:00 p.m. The cost is $12.00 per plate, drive thru only. The menu includes Sklenarik smoked sausage, German coleslaw and sauerkraut, potatoes, green beans, rolls, and homemade desserts.

This past  week I had a few experiences that gave me food for thought. Let me offer some of these now.

Why do little girls feel compelled to squeal and scream? I coached girls soccer for years and the young ones had ear-piercing screams. We coaches tried to slow the girls energy and their screaming, but had very little luck. Teach them at a young age that this is unacceptable and they will soon learn there will be consequences. Teach them what they need to know and it will soon become the standard they live with.

Why do people feel they do not have to follow traffic laws. Do you get some strange sense of satisfaction when you see a car that passed you going way too fast, and is later stopped on the side of the road with a DPS officer explaining Texas laws to that person? I hate to say it but, that does cause me to chuckle.

Have you ever had to bite your tongue at the grocery store when you see a person with more than ten items waiting in the ten items or less line? This does make me count their items more than once. Surely they can’t obviously be breaking the rules. Well, then again maybe they are. Does anyone else get frustrated with the lack of common sense being displayed by folks these days? Common sense is no longer common. Channel Change.

This Sunday is the Miles United Methodist Church annual sausage festival. We will be serving Sklenarik’s smoked sausage, German sauerkraut, German potatoes, green beans, rolls, and home made desserts made by the members of the Methodist Church. This will begin at 10:30 a.m. and end at 1:00 p.m. at Weatherby Hall. This year will be a drive thru event only. This Covid has us taking measures to ensure the safety of all the attendees. I look forward to seeing you folks Sunday. Pick up one extra plate and take it to a person that can’t get out and drive themselves to the event.