FTP: Class, classmates, & sportsmanship

Pastor Gary Karschner
Miles United Methodist Church
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles United Methodist Church.

This past weekend was the Miles Cotton Fest. Miles celebrates the cotton industry and what it does for the local community during this annual event. It is also a chance to get together with friends, watch pretty girls compete for the Miles Cotton Queen, watch a great parade, and do some shopping.

Several alumni of Miles High School were there from the 1950’s and 1960’s and they had a great time visiting and talking about ‘the good old days’. I urge you to keep in touch with your classmates. As you grow slowly older, the years go by much faster. Call your lost classmates today and have a long visit.

Saturday was a good day to be a fan of girls’ athletics in Miles. The Miles girls’ varsity volleyball team showed the final score is much less important than the game you played. I heard the Lady Bulldogs played a team from Trent in an area volleyball tournament. Trent put many freshmen on the court because that was all they had to field a team.

After the first serve it was obvious Miles was the superior team. The Lady Bulldogs realized the disparity in talent and ‘slowed their roll’ and began to play a game equal to that of their competition. The Miles players began to change from an overhead serve to serving softly with under hand serves. They did not spike the ball, but gently hit it over the net to their competition. It was like the style of play one might see at a church picnic volleyball game. These young ladies showed compassion and sportsmanship. They did this without direction from any coaches or urgings from fans. The lessons learned Saturday will benefit both teams. The Trent team gained some confidence and learned how a better team can beat you on the scoreboard, but show respect for your circumstances, and respect for your team.

This young Trent team may pass on this lesson they learned to another team they may play in the future. The Lady Bulldogs showed class and did the right thing.

Congratulations to the Ladies who showed lessons learned from years ago were on display Saturday against Trent. Well done, players and coaches.  Be Well, Gary K.