FTP: Cleaning out the junk drawer

Pastor Gary Karschner
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

This week’s "stuff" is a collection of random thoughts from the "junk drawer" in my mind. You all have a "junk drawer" in the kitchen, don’t you? The drawer that magically collects those items that don’t have a designated place in the house is the junk drawer. Those drawers have thumbtacks, staples, playing cards, batteries, keys, tape, scissors, post it notes, paperclips, rubber bands, and much more stuff than I can list. (Add your special items here). Don’t forget all those writing pens that don’t work that tend to grow in that drawer. Do any of these items sound familiar or might be in your junk drawer? How did we ever start having a junk drawer? Strange thought indeed.

My mind has collected many unusual items so let me offer some of what has accumulated in the "junk drawer" of my mind. What is the most comfortable clothing item you can wear? How ‘bout that new sweat shirt you put on for the first time? Yes, it is soft and not binding. What about those favorite old shoes that are so comfortable? Can you still wear those shoes in public? Can you remember the brand of your first tennis shoes? How comfortable is it to climb into bed and immediately realize where the dog has been sleeping? Those warm spots are special. I can still wear some of the things I wore over forty years ago when I got married. I can still wear my socks, tie, cuff links, and cologne. I bet you can wear some of those things you got married in. I can still remember eighteen of the twenty-five streets (estimated) I used to live on. I can remember the name of every school I ever l attended (16). I can tell you the make of cars my friends’ parents  drove. Now that I think of all this ‘stuff’, I need to clear out my mind. Channel change.

I have  been watching the paraolympics and have to say I am amazed and humbled by the abilities of these Olympians. Their physical disabilities have not slowed them down. Some of their events have, however, left me confused. There is a sport that represents dodgeball and hockey, but the participants are all blind and lay on the floor to stop the balls thrown by their opponents. I have yet to figure it out.  The rugby event played by men in wheelchairs has earned my respect. Those men are tough.

The Little League World Series ended Sunday afternoon. I have a special place for those young ballplayers. I think some of those guys were large and probably had to get leave from their military units to attend the games in Williamsport. Those young ballplayers were good and showed exemplary sportsmanship. Well done. Did you know the Wylie team from Abilene was in the series? They were put out of the tournament by the team from Michigan that won the series. There were some great ball skills displayed by those young boys and girls. Kudos to all the athletes participating in their respective sports these past weeks. Well Done!

I offer a word of caution to you readers. Please be respectful of the Covid virus. It is real and can cause serious illness and/or death. Clean your hands often and wear a mask and keep your social distances. To the folks in the local school houses please lead by example. These youngsters are important and we need this valuable resource to prosper and grow. Pray for the folks in Afghanistan and Germany. Things are crazy and they need our prayers. - Be Well, Gary K.

Gary Karschner is pastor at the First United Methodist Church in Miles, Texas.