FTP: Picnic in the living room

Reverend Gary Karschner
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

MILES - The other day I had a discussion with my wife. We talked about how we used to go out on dates at about 8:30 p.m.. (I think that is the time we are now getting ready for bed).  I would pick up the babysitter at about 8:15 and wait for Red to finish getting ready. Guys, are your wives sensitive to time and what promptness means?

I try to be prompt, but that is not always possible when I am having to depend upon someone else. When we dated our schedules were flexible. When we got home from these date nights we talked about me taking the babysitter home and maybe picking up something to eat on the way back home. When we got home Deb would go inside and pay the babysitter and I would wait in the car. I would take the  babysitter home and depending on what was open, pick up something quick at a drive through. Nothing like Wienie World food at 1a.m. to make you sleep well. Did this ever happen to you readers? Sometimes we might eat at a Mexican Food Restaurant before we went home. That delicate light Mexican food helped us sleep well. Burp.

When you used to go on date nights with your spouse where would you go? Was it a night of dancing? Did you go to a flick or a live theater production? When was the last time you went to a drive-in movie? Were your date nights when you first started dating different from the date nights after you were married?  

When we first started dating I prepared a special date for Red. I had a plaid table cloth laid out on the floor in my apartment and some romantic Mystic Moods music playing on the stereo. There was cheese, fruit, ham, turkey and crackers for us to snack on and to top it off, the weather stormed all night. I made some points that evening. Our later date nights, after we married, meant checking what was on television that night, picking up some burgers from Zentner’s or McDonalds, and watching a movie on cable.  My how things have changed.  Channel change.

I notice news stories shot at local airports and there are a large number of folks walking around pulling large suitcases behind them. I find it hard to believe those massive suitcases fit in the overhead compartments of aircraft. Am I missing something?  How did those big suitcases make it through the TSA checkpoints? Just an observation?        

How ‘bout those recent rains we were blessed with last  weekend? Thank you, God, for moistening our dry earth! Be Well, Gary K