FTP: Aglets and Olympics

Gary Karschner
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

I have a couple of suggestions for folks buying their children new school shoes.

First, spray them well with a waterproofing product. Scotch Guard is a good spray to keep them waterproof and dirt resistant. This spray keeps the shoes cleaner and prevents them from looking like they just came off the muddy playground. A damp cloth helps to wipe them off and they look like new again.

Second, don’t use the entire shoe lace in the shoe. I offer that you pull one side of the laces through until the opposite side is rather short. That short lace is the size you want your laces to end up being. That short side should be long enough for the kids to tie their shoes without any problems. When you have that short size the length you want, cut the long extra lace so the two sizes match. One lace will have an aglet (the plastic end of the lace) and the other will not. To help the lace from becoming unraveled, put a touch of glue on that freshly cut end and those laces will work better and not become easily untied. Don’t forget to spray those laces to keep them clean. Many, many times, I have tied kid’s shoes and remember how nasty some of those laces were. Hope this helps.

Speaking of kids, last week some of our youth went to the Ballinger pool to swim. From the eyes of a former lifeguard and a water safety instructor, I tell you your swimmers are in good hands there. The lifeguards were alert and professional. The pool was clean and the temperature was made perfect by Mother Nature. Keep doing what you are doing.

The Olympics are over now. Don’t forget to watch the Paralympics coming up in a few weeks. They are just as inspiring and, in my opinion, more special than these we just enjoyed. Did you watch much of the Olympics? I have to admit I am an Olympic junkie. The events were often strange to me, but I admire and recognize athletic talent when I see it. The ribbon twirling and dancing ball tossing pushes it a little bit, but when a girl can catch a ball with the back of her legs it is impressive and I say well done. Some of the events were nail biters to the end.

I fell in love with the young skater from Great Britain. Her name is Skye. She was electric and fun. I say well done to all the athletes and kudos to Japan for fighting through and overcoming obstacles. (Did you see Japan’s uniforms for the closing ceremony? They were on fire.) Japan, you put on a class event, and yes you did take a financial bath in the process. Paris will be hard pressed to match your professionalism and hospitality. To all the teachers and administrators preparing for this new year, I offer prayers of wisdom and patience for you all. Keep praying for rain. Be Well, Gary K.