FTP: Olympics' impressions

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

This past week I have been watching the Olympics with great interest. I enjoy seeing sports displayed that I did not know even existed.

The syncrodiving competition amazed me. To see two divers do exactly the same dive at the same time with all the same gyrations, and they appear to be only one diver amazes me. I watched some of the sports we all used to play in school and in our back yards, and came to the conclusion the Olympic athletes are a different breed of cat. Their skills at volleyball and badminton amaze me. They are fast and seem to hang in the air forever. I played ping pong but never played table tennis like these Olympians do. I do know that if you get hit with one of those balls or shuttlecocks it is going to leave a mark.

I watched the syncro swimmers where they do ballet under water in the pool. When they showed the ladies curling their toes my feet got cramps and I had to change the channel.

I have watched the basketball teams play and realize the Americans are not the dominate forces we once were. These teams, from places I do not know how to pronounce, are beating us Americans. I was amazed to see the many different shapes of boats that were in the Olympics. The folks that sail, row the boats or paddle the canoes are in great shape. Well, I guess that goes without saying, all the athletes are in pretty good aerobic shape. This may not be true with the lifters and thrower of objects. Those are some big folks. The runners look like they need to put on a few pounds, though. I watched those ladies with the big hair and wonder how much faster they would be without that hair weighing them down. I watched the folks running the hurdles for a hundred yards and realize, as a young man in shape, I could not run a hundred yards  without jumping over hurdles as fast as they run and jump over the hurdles.

I watched the swimmers and always feel that when they show the television banner indicating each country in the pool, it makes them go slower because they are pulling that banner behind them. I hope all the athletes continue to excel and there are no outside influences to disrupt the event.  I lift prayers of thanksgiving for the rains that we have experienced. May we continue to be blessed. Be Well, Gary K.