FTP: The care and feeding of Olympic athletes

Gary Karschner
United Methodist Church in Miles.
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles' United Methodist Church

This week is the beginning of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. It will be unusual.

The Covid virus will have athletes and coaches on their toes. I believe the officials in Japan may not let fans into the respective venues the athletes will be participating in.

Imagine the planning families have had to do to get to this point. First, remember the athletes have to compete to even qualify for their events. If after all those years of training and you don’t make the team how disappointing that would be.

Second, if you do make the team, how much time do you get to plan your trip to Japan. No chance to get cheap early booking rates for flights or lodging in Japan. Talk about having a stranglehold on the market. How much do you think a room will cost for just one night?

Remember, the time in Japan will be more than one day. If you are on a team and you are competing in more than one event, such as swimming or track, how long will you be staying? Did I hear a big cha-ching here?

Here is a another thought about dealing with the logistics of the Olympics. In the many dorms the competitors stay in, how are they fed nutritious meals they are accustomed to eating? Think about pleasing your family members at meal time. How hard would it be to please all the various athletes at the Olympics? Yeah, think about that.

Also, the chefs need to not add that one ingredient or substance to the food that will show up in your blood tests, and maybe cause the athlete to fail his/her drug screening. Lots of things to consider.

Be sure to watch the opening ceremony. I have a feeling the Japanese, and their knack for working with electronics, will put on a great show. I always feel sorry for those athletes who attend the opening ceremony, but don’t compete until the second week.  I would want to compete about Wednesday or Thursday on the first week and then just relax and be a tourist and supporter of my fellow athletes. If you compete on the last day how much of a bummer would that be? What do you do to keep your skills sharp and not get bored? Channel change.

How ‘bout this rain? I have never seen things so green in July.  Last chance to get your vacations in before school starts. Lots of jr. high and high school athletes are working out and getting in shape for the coming school year. Where did the summer go?          I pray the COVID and its variant do not get in the way of our activities. Be Well, Gary K.