Health and Wellness Coalition of Runnels County general meeting

Melanie Sharpes, RN
Health & Wellness Coalition
The Health and Wellness Coalition of Runnels County (HAWC-RC) will have a general meeting on August 12, at 7 p.m. at the Ballinger Home Health and Hospice office building.

Where has HAWC for Runnels County been hiding? The pandemic last year took its toll on us all, and HAWC is now reemerging. We did not stop working towards our goals to form the coalition during the pandemic, even though we were unable to meet with the group. So, let me give an update of where we are now.

Through all the chaos and business Dr. Bundrant found time to recruit a local professional to become a Community Healthcare Worker for HAWC. Candi Pfluger started her classes to gain her certification as CHW, and officers starting meeting back in April weekly to complete paperwork and formalize our 501c3, for non-profit status. Over the next 6 weeks we worked with Candi to complete all of our needs through Legal Zoom, and we are officially a 501c3.

Bill Hancock started meeting with us, and gave us some advice on United Way application. We have obtained our tax ID number, established a PO Box, local bank account, obtained donated office space at a local church and updated our Mission Statement. We have applied for funding through the United Way for CHW funding, and also completed a grant application through HHS through a special grant to fund counties for CHW’s.

Dr Bundrant and wife Jo graciously donated to fund our start. Dr Bundrant followed by meeting with BMHD CEO and obtained a $2500 donation to HAWC. Last but not least, Candi completed her CHW certificate and has started working with a few clients. Whew! HAWC is on the move!!! Currently we will present to our local Rotary for any funding available, along with planning for our first official outing at the Miles Cotton Fest.

So, the question is… ARE YOU READY?!?! HAWC is ready to start back with general membership meetings. We have missed you all and can’t wait to share our excitement with the progress made to help our community!

WHAT: HAWC for Runnels County Meeting

WHEN: Thursday- August 12, 2021 at 7pm

WHERE: Ballinger Home Health Office Building- 818 Hutchins Ave

Please RSVP if possible via email: or

Melanie Sharpes, HAWC Secretary/Treasurer.