FTP: Red to the rescue, almost

Gary Karschner
Miles First United Methodist Church
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

Sunday after church I had a dose of reality hit me and my family. This happened when my son told me he had locked the keys in the car. I thought no problem. Red had her extra key in her purse. Problem! Her purse was in the locked car…did I mention the car was running. Yes things were not going our way. Many members offered to assist us out of our dilemma. One gentleman went to the home of a local mechanic, but the individual was not there. It was about this time we started trying to find a ‘pop-locker’ to come to Miles and save us.

We called Ballinger locksmiths but that yielded nothing. We called San Angelo, and after several not available or on vacation tales, Red found a gentleman willing to come to Miles and save us from our crisis. He said it would be about twenty minutes. He did arrive, but it was twice twenty minutes before he showed up at the church.

With his magic tools and my fifty-five dollars he had the doors unlocked and we were on our way. Because we are such “good customers” he gave us a ten dollar discount.. (Did you hear that good customer comment?) Yeah, last year we were invited to their Christmas party. You would think we would have learned by now. We are slow learners.

I have since looked into attending a locksmith school. While we were waiting for his arrival the members told us about their tales of locking their keys in their cars and how they got a second key and where they hid that key on their vehicle. These new big key fobs are hard to hide in a magnetic box. Everyone of these well wishers all had the same common denominator from their locked out experience.  It was the emotion of did I just really do that and feeling like a dumb head. If you think you will never do this you are probably right. But don’t get too confident in feeling that way. How bout this rain? Glad it was not raining during this lock out experience. Be Well, Gary K.