FTP: Route 66 and a legendary quest for deep dish pizza

Gary Karschner
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

The other day I was surfing the “interweb” looking for some info on Route 66. This fall I am planning a trip to travel the entire length of the “Mother Road”. Right now it is a dream, but it is rapidly gaining reality status.

What I found interesting about the road is that you can spend your entire trip in touristy type shops, car museums, and period correct eating establishments. I am a sucker for car museums. I have interest in a soda shop in Arcadia, Oklahoma that allegedly has over 650 types of soft drinks and sparkling waters available for the taking. I cannot imagine that many beverage flavors. This will be a stop on the trip.

I also have been fascinated with the on-going debate between New York pizza versys Chicago deep dish pizza. I don’t recall in my many years on this terra firma ever having had a deep dish pizza. It will be on my bucket list. I plan on stopping in Chicago after the trip is over and play tourist for a while, and I plan on coming back with personal experiences of said pizza. I hear you noticing a trend of leaning towards foods and beverages. Kudos.  

This trip, if it actually happens, will involve traveling with classmates, yet unnamed, from high school. I have posted this information on a website featuring my American high school from Germany and I am testing the water to see if anyone wants to make the trip. I have already contacted three classmates and all three have graciously, for one reason or another, declined my offer. (Tells you something about my friends). The fun of the trip is only intensified with traveling with friends, new or old, and having no real agenda. I know the starting date from California, but the rest is still being planned.  

Spontaneity is the key word here, but not really. Some parts of the trip are being planned for us. There are already five nights planned with folks living in towns on Route 66 and they want us to stop and dine with them when we come through their towns. This trip is a living organism taking on a life of its own. If you have ever traveled this road, please tell me the secrets to a stress free trip. Channel change.

I hope everyone had a safe Fourth of July. Was that rain a game changer for you? It changed the party I played music for. They all scattered and left me by myself. Strange indeed. After the rains ended, people returned and a good time was had by all!