FTP: Liver and oysters in disguise

Gary Karschner
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

This week I want to offer some food for thought. Remember the taste of food is something that is very subjective. Let me ask some questions of you readers about your favorite or not favorite foods. What is your favorite item to see on the Thanksgiving table? I love dressing and gravy. Not the dressing that is mushy and green with sage seasoning. Yuck. I like cornbread dressing slightly dry so the gravy will moisten it. I had oyster dressing once. Yuck. Oyster dressing looks exactly like cornbread dressing, but it is not cornbread. Disgusting. Much like fried liver looking like a chicken fried steak. Yuck.

The same goes with blue cheese dressing looking like ranch dressing. Yuck. This goes to prove food that looks alike does not necessarily taste alike. Do you agree?

Let me get back to that Thanksgiving table spread. What is one item you do not like to see on the table? I was always leery of a dish I did not immediately recognize. This would happen when guests were invited to dine with us and they brought a dish to add to the table.

One memory from my youth that evokes a conditioned response on Thanksgiving Thursdays is the sound of the electric knife running and causing the television screen to staticky.  When this happened I knew the turkey was being carved and we were within minutes of gathering in the living room to offer a blessing and then getting in line to eat. The younger siblings and cousins always went first. Did you, as a kid, ever have to eat at the card table in the den or the corner of the living room? Yes, those are the things good memories are made from. It is at meals like these we learn to try new foods and letting our palate grow and expand. What was your favorite dessert after the turkey feast? Happy Early Thanksgiving dinner.          Be Well, Gary K.