To redo, or not to redo

Gary Karschner
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

Friends I have some things for you to think about. There are no right or wrong answers to these thoughts.

What one thing in your life are you most proud of? What are two things in your life you wish you could do over? We all have those parts of our life that were not exactly perfect and we might want to change some things. Do you want to change more than two things? Yeah, that list keeps growing. The question was asked at lunch “If you could redo your high school years…would you do it”?

That is a question that needs to have a couple ‘if I can do that or not do this’ I might do it. I personally would not want to redo my high school years. If I could pick certain months or certain years to redo it would be a no brainer. Sure, I would pick the good times to relive, but would that make me a better person. The bad times, as well as the good times, are there for a purpose. We need good measures of both to build our character.

What was the best memory of your high school years? Who, other than your parents or guardians, influenced you most? Did you have a favorite teacher? Why? Today I posed some questions of circumstances or persons that influenced you to become the person you are now.

Life is a recipe that often has no exact ingredients, just suggestions for amounts or ingredients. Did you ever have an aunt or grandmother that cooked remarkable meals and never once looked at a cook book or measured anything? Did her meals come out exactly the same every time? Were they good? Yes, they were!

Throughout our lives we are exposed to many of the same things and at different intensities. None of us walked the exact paths but we all ended up at our intended destinations. Life has a way of taking care of us even when we don’t take care of ourselves. Just continue to make good decisions and things will work out. Are all decisions easy? No, they are not. Just trust in your experiences and knowledge to get you through life. It is not about exact measurements and perfect ingredients just, do the best you can with what you have. Be Well, Gary K.

Gary Karschner is pastor at the First United Methodist Church of Miles. Any opinions or views expressed by Rev. Karschner, in his article, do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Gannett Media/USA Today/Runnels County Register.