FTP: Game shows and commercials

Rev. Gary Karschner
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

This past week I had a few flashbacks. I probably need to get back on my medications.

I watched some late, late, late shows and with them there were some very old commercials. Some of them were instant throwbacks to my youth. I have to tell you some of the commercials I see today make me immediately change channels. When I hear the first word or two of current redundant commercials I immediately channel surf.

Old commercials had characters and tag lines I remember to this day. Take for example the knight riding down the street on his horse and the background singing ‘stronger than dirt’. Do you remember that one? What was the product? It was Ajax. What was the product for the tag line ‘you’re soaking in it’? Palmolive sound familiar? ( Palm olive). This sounds unusual from the original product. I never put the two words together. Remember the Anacin commercials that were so popular for the tag line ‘mother, please, I’d rather do it myself’? Do they even make Anacin anymore? The same can be said for Blue Star Ointment, Dristan, Colgate tooth powder, and Imperial Margarine.

It’s unusual what one remembers. What old commercials are burned into the recesses of your memory bank? Remember the Old McDonald’s commercial with the phrase ‘two all-beef…?' Yeah, that’s the one. Who can forget the Shake and Bake commercial with the little girl saying ‘And I Helped’? How many of us repeated those lines to our friends? Where did Hertz put you? What product did ‘plop plop fizz fizz’ represent? Does anyone remember the drink tablets called Fizzies? They didn’t last very long on the market shelves. Did you ever put one of those tablets into your mouth? Yeah, they were strong.

I saw some game shows where the prizes were shares of stock and gas for your car for a year. I wonder how they could finance such prizes these days? Gas alone would bankrupt some networks. What was your favorite game show from your youth? Some of those are still around. I personally like Jeopardy. I watched it with my mom and I was always impressed with her extensive knowledge of so many subjects. I feel pretty special if I can answer the questions on the junior version of the show. I wonder what commercials will be remembered by our kids and grandkids in the generations to come.

Channel Change. Good luck to the students as they finish up their UIL activities. What a way to close out the year. Don’t forget to thank your teachers and administrators for their part in your education. This is a good step to measure your maturation process as you move into this next chapter in your lives. I wish you young folks well. This is not the end of your education process. It is the beginning of the next level of your existence. Continue to grow.

Gary Karschner is the pastor at the First United Methodist Church in Miles and frequent contributor to the Runnels County Register.