FTP: Easter and first dates

Gary Karschner
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

This past Sunday we celebrated our Easter service. It was wonderful seeing everyone, and watching the young ‘uns in their Easter clothes play and participate in the service. Did you have a particular Easter outfit you liked more than another? In the sixth grade I remember getting a pale yellow sport coat and I thought I was something special. One year I got a pair of white bucks. Those are shoes. I must have been influenced by Pat Boone. They didn’t stay white for long. Funny what one remembers. Guys, what grade were you in when you learned to tie a necktie?

I mark accomplishments in strange ways. Girls, what grade were you in when you got your first pair of heels? Did you sprain an ankle? I remember going to school dances and watching the girls try to be cool in their heels and in five minutes every girl in the house was barefooted and the new shoes were in a pile against the wall.  Why can girls get away with taking their shoes off and boys can’t? Maybe because guys' feet stink. (Just speaking from my own personal experiences).  Channel change.

What was the place you went to on your first car date? I know this is a random thought, but it is good to reflect on our past. With my memory going south so quickly it is hard to remember new things, but the old things are still fresh. I had to apologize to a young man in church for mis-calling his name all day Sunday.  I know his name but my tongue got in front of my eye teeth and I couldn’t see what I was saying. How many of you readers have ever called out the names of all their kids or grandkids before you got to the one you were looking at? It happens. Do the kids help? No. They just stare in disbelief at our futile efforts. I would try taking some memory meds, but I don’t think I would remember to take them. What were we talking about? First car dates? Did you have to double date with a sibling because they had the car? What time did you have to be home to meet curfew? Now that we old folks have no curfew, it is no problem being home before the hammer drops. Were you ever late? Yeah, that will be material for a later article. Be Well, Gary K.