FTP: Easter, toddlers and sports

Pastor Gary Karschner

This past Sunday was Palm Sunday. It is the first day of Holy Week that leads to the celebration of Easter. We at Miles UMC had a great day of worship, egg hunting and enjoying a pot luck dinner. It was a great Sunday and a super way to start the Holy week. We dedicated new hymnals, new hymnal holders in the pews, two plaques for individual recognition, and new offertory plates.

Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

Did I mention we had two toddlers and three infants sitting in the pews with their parents? I love hearing the little ones communicating with each other during the service. Their innocence is loving and overwhelming. They melt my heart. I invite you all to attend our Easter service next Sunday. It will be a relaxed setting and I will offer an Easter message.

Channel change. Congratulations to the two Miles power lifting athletes, Radek Spatz and Joel Garcia, who set PR’s at the state tournament. A talented Miles runner, Kyle Vahlenkamp, set PR’s at the meet in Eldorado. I congratulate all the student athletes for their efforts and dedication they show whether it’s track, tennis, softball, baseball, or power lifting, I am amazed at the many activities these young’uns participate in and excel in. Finish with your best effort.

I leave you with some observations. Why do folks on cooking shows not wear hair nets, but we fuss when food servers don’t wear hair nets in restaurants?  Why do friends allow their friends to go out in public dressed that way? You know those folks I’m talking about. Can you parallel park? Can you back a trailer? Can you drive a vehicle with a standard transmission? Do you know how to use a turn-signal indicator, but choose not to use it? Is the speed limit posted just a suggestion?  When you eat something spicy, how do you relay that heat to a friend? Don’t touch it, not too bad, or no problem. Do you laugh when they spit it out and curse you between gulps of tea? It might have happened. Just asking for a  friend. I had a friend suggest I write comedy for a living, actually she said my material was a joke.

Hope to see you next Sunday in church. Be Well, Gary K.