FTP: March Madness and Easter joy

Gary Karschner
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church


This week is one great time to watch college basketball. The NIT and March Madness are real. I read there are emotional support groups being set up in Austin and Lubbock. Some games might  be considered an upset, and some games might be considered a loss in a good game. The best is yet to come. Did I ever mention the importance of shooting and MAKING free throws? 

Saturday morning I braved the cold weather and watched the Miles Lady Bulldogs play softball. They won late with a team effort at the plate. Big hits and little hits all added up for a win. Great job against a good Menard team.

We had a funeral service this past weekend. The church family did an admirable job of showing hospitality to the guests and friends at the dinner afterwards. One lady from out-of-town said this is what she misses at her big city church.  She said “you can’t beat the feeling of a small town church dinner”. My heart was swollen with pride. Thank you to the folks who attended, those who prepared and served the meal, and cleaned up after the event. Only in a small town church.

I received an Easter card from a friend this past week. It was addressed to Pastor Gary, Methodist Church, Miles, TX. Only in a small town would mail be delivered with such an address! Thank you, Miles, AMERICA

We are planning to have our Easter egg hunt this next Sunday. We always do this on Palm Sunday, and this year we are going to have a big pot luck luncheon after the eggs are harvested. The kids will hunt eggs while the adults heat and prepare the meal. You are all invited to attend. Did I mention we Methodists like to eat and visit with friends? Please join us for the service and stay for the meal. The fun of watching the young’uns hunt eggs is worth the trip. We are all blessed by these little ones and their energy.