FTP: Questions...and more questions

Gary Karschner

This week I want to throw out some “stuff” for you to consider. This is not based on any research, these are just some observations and thoughts of the mundane.

Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

How long are you supposed to wait after eating an Oreo cookie before you brush your teeth? Do illiterate people get the same benefits of eating alphabet soup as non-literate people? Why do some folks blow their noses and then look at the handkerchief? Why do the world’s slowest drivers enter the freeway and immediately go to the left lane? Why is a policeman never around when you need one, but a DPS officer is always there to point out your driving errors? Men, when you buy shoes, do you put on both shoes to see if they fit? How long do you keep your old shoe boxes? Why can you fall asleep in the recliner in seconds, but you can’t fall asleep in your own bed? Usually when a person says “to make a long story short” it is already too late. Why does the person picking you up for the carpool always honk the horn, even when you are standing at the curb waiting? (I worked shift work for years and the kid across the street would get picked up by a horn happy driver. It woke me up every morning). Why are people in the ten or less items line unable to count?  Channel change.

Wink is no longer undefeated. There is a reason Clarendon is rated number one. Congratulations to all the youth who participated in activities this past week. Saw a young lady from Ballinger was the student athlete of the week. These young folks also excel in the classroom. Well done.

I think Spring is on the way, but if my memory serves me well, Mother Nature always throws us a curve right before Easter. Be ready for one more round of cold weather. I remember it snowed on Good Friday once, and then it was beautiful on Easter Sunday. That is Texas for you.

This week call a friend you haven’t spoken to in many weeks. They need to talk to you and you will feel good after visiting with them. Be Well, Gary K.

This column is written by pastor Gary Karschner of the First United Methodist Church in Miles. Any opinions expressed in his submission are his and not the opinion of The Runnels County Register, USA Today, or Gannett Media.