From the Pastor: Feel different?

Gary Karschner

Does this year feel different yet? I know we have been saying this year of 2021 has to be better than 2020, and I hope that is correct. So far I don’t know if it is any different from the past three hundred and sixty five days. Let us all hope this new year is better. There are challenges ahead for all of us, so be prepared for what awaits our lives. I personally feel we have some serious decisions to make and each has its own series or benefits and consequences. Let’s just keep positive and be of good hearts. Channel change.

I took down our Christmas decorations the other day. Well, actually I took down the calendar and it had a picture of a poinsettia for December. We don’t decorate like we used to when the kids were younger. Now we are older and the kids are older, so we don’t put up many decorations any more. I told a friend the other day that as a clergy person the holidays are one of the busiest times of the year for me. From Thanksgiving to the New Year  I am going fast and furious. I need to remind myself, like so many people should, about the real meaning of Christmas. Yes, we have Advent studies, Christmas parties for our youth, and a church Christmas meal, but we must remember the real reason for the season.  My favorite event of the season is the  Christmas Eve candle light service we offer at our church. It is the essence of the holidays, and seeing those candles, or battery operated candles in our case, is just beautiful. It touches me in a different but similar way every year.

Did anyone else feel they got more than they deserved and ate more than they should have during the holidays? Yeah, me too. I am going to have to lose some poundage or start paying property tax. I haven’t seen my belt in a while so I guess it is time to start that inevitable diet. I am going to give up Dr. Peppers and only drink unsweet tea. Now, if I can just stop my snacking habits. Anyone have any good options for a calorie free snack item? This may be hard because with stress I really eat a bunch. This year may be stressful so we will see how this adventure goes. Keep praying for rain. What we had last week was beautiful. Be Well, Gary K.

Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church