Humane Society receives donation

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register

The Humane Society of Ballinger received a $500 donation from the Ballinger Rotary Club. The money will help fund the costs of transporting many of the dogs to Canada, where families eagerly await their arrival. Angela Hoyle who operatfes the Humane Society said that they just sent several dogs up north, "We sent 5 dogs to Canada. We sent some to Pennsylvania. People were waiting to give these wonderful dogs homes."

The Ballinger Rotary Club presented $500 to the Humane Society of Ballinger. Left-Right, Rotary president Joyce Waterfill, Humane Society of Ballinger owner Angela Hoyle and volunteer Chad Hardy.

The Humane Society will be making another trip northward in January, "Will be taking another 8 dogs to Canada in January. It's very expensive but it's worth the money to send these dogs to great homes."

The check was presented by Rotary president Joyce Waterfill, "This is a great place. They do wonderful work here and they're a blessing. We know it costs a great deal of money to send these dogs up north, but it's worth it. It's really great just knowing that this money will help care for the dogs and cats here."

These 3 pups are available for adoption from the Humane Society of Ballinger. They are Terrier/Chihuahua mixes and ready to play!

The cost for caring for the animals, as well as transportation, is considerable. The caring for the dogs and cats includes more than the 150 lbs of dog food and cat food that the Humane Society goes through on a weekly basis. The care also includes vet fees to get the animals spayed and neutered and for other care, such as Bravecto and vaccinations. Hoyle says that the dogs going to Canada require health certificates, "The people in Canada meet at the border and all of the paperwork is filled out and submitted. Every animal has to have a health certificate."

Our Pet of the Week, Nella, a lab mix, strikes a pose for the camera. She's looking for a forever home and is available for adoption from the Humane Society of Ballinger. Her favorite game is fetch. She likes long walks and afternoon sunbeams.

The society is always receiving dogs and cats that have been dumped in the area, as well as dogs from "puppy mills" and animals seized from hoarders from San Angelo to Winters. The fee to adopt an animal here is minimal, $50. The adopters in Canada pay $480, due to various fees.

Our Pet of the Week: Nella! She's a lab mix who is ready to play fetch with you allllllll day long. She is looking for a forever home and is available for adoption from the Humane Society of Ballinger.

There are several dogs and cats available for adoption. This week's Pet of the Week is "Nella," a Lab mix. She's a friendly, loving dog who really only wants to play fetch if you'll be kind enough to toss the tennis ball for her. She is gentle and is looking for a loving family to provide her a forever home. You can contact Hoyle at the Humane Society of Ballinger at (325) 374-9546.