School Menus

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register

The school menus only include Friday as the the students will start Christmas break following week. Merry Christmas students and faculty!

Ballinger ISD Elementary Breakfast

Friday: Golden sausage morning roll, fresh apple, orange juice.

Ballinger ISD Elementary Lunch

Friday: Juicy hamburger, raw carrot sticks, crispy tater tots, fresh orange slices, diced pears.

Ballinger ISD Junior High/High School

Friday: Golden sausage morning roll, fresh banana, apple juice.

Ballinger ISD High School Lunch

Friday: Spicy chicken patty sandwich, golden chicken con dog, raw carrot sticks, seasoned crispy sweet potato fries, crinkle cut fries, unsweetened applesauce, fresh orange slices.

Salad bar and condiments: Fresh romaine leaf & spinach salad mix, fresh sliced tomatoes, fresh sliced onion, dill pickle slices, creamy ranch dressing, mustard, mayonnaise & ketchup packets.

Milk: 1% low fat white milk, fat free chocolate milk.

Winters ISD Breakfast

Friday: Cinnamon roll or cereal, graham, grapes, fruit juice, choice of milk.

Winters ISD Lunch

Friday: Sack Lunch


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