Miles High School Community Service Day

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register
A Miles High School student cuts away weeds from a grave at the cemetery in Miles.

Miles High School launched a new initiative on November 20, a Community Service Day. Teacher Jill Kellermeier said that the idea came up in May, during the previous school year, "Karen Brown was a counselor who retired last year. She brought up the idea and we were originally going to do it in May. We weren't able to because of the COVID outbreak. We thought that now would be a good time to go ahead and get it done in case we get shut down."

Miles High School students work together to clean the yard of a senior citizen in Miles. The students did the work as part of the Miles High School community service day.

According to Kellermeier, the students spent the morning taking tests before taking up rakes, shovels and weedeaters. The projects throughout the community ranged from the library to the community garden, to the cemetery and to the homes of senior citizens. The students trimmed away underbrush, trimmed limbs, raked leaves, picked up trash and cleaned graves.

Miles High School students used a dump trailer to collect limbs and undergrowth from the Miles cemetery as part of the Miles High School Service Day.

The 30 students of the senior class worked on the community garden, blanket drive and worked beautifying the city park. The junior class, 24 students, worked cleaning up the yards of senior citizens around town. Several of the students spent almost 2 hours working at one home, clearing underbrush, raking leaves and trimming trees. All of the projects were completed under the close supervision of faculty members.

Miles High School students clean up the cemetery in Miles as part of the community service day.

The sophomore class worked cleaning up the cemetery. The cemetery was a full bore cleaning job, with a dump trailer and pickups available to haul brush, limbs and trash from the cemetery. The students were organized and had a plan as they descended on the cemetery grounds. Some students cleared away debris and such from graves while others trimmed limbs, picked up trash, cleared brush and loaded the dump trailer.

A Miles High School student dumps a bucket of rocks the students cleared out of the community garden in Miles.

Back in town, members of the junior class attacked the yard of one home en masse. The students were a blur of activity as some trimmed the trees while other raked leaves and cleared away detritus. It was a job that would have challenged even a professional landscaping crew, yet the students did exemplary work. The yard didn't look the same once the students had it cleared and manicured.

Miles High School students dig a post hole while beautifying the community garden in Miles.

The community garden on the edge of town required a great deal of labor as the students cleared rocks, big and small, using 5-gallon buckets and wheel barrels. They dug post holes and cleared the entire area of the garden. Down the street, the freshman class working cleaning the public library, among other projects.

Miles High School students helped clean the public library as part of their Miles High School community service day.

It might have only been one afternoon, but the students and faculty performed a full day of work in those few hours.