FTP: Don't forget the marshmallows!

Gary Karschner
Gary Karschner is the pastor at Miles First United Methodist Church

The other day the realization that our Thanksgiving would not be like previous years’ activities hit home. With the Covid we did not want to go out to eat our meal. Since half the kids and grandkids  are going to their extended families for their meal, we decided on just having a small meal at the house for the three of us.

Now, small is a subjective word. We will have a ham, a small roasted turkey with dressing, and yams with those mandatory marshmallows on top, (if Red remembers to take them out of the oven this year!). English Peas, and some congealed salads to fit each of our palates will be on the table also. Some call these salads Watergate salad and some of us call it Luby’s green salad. They are both similar in appearance, but the tastes are very different. We will have two types of cranberry sauce because we all can’t agree on just one. Did I mention we will have mashed potatoes and two types of gravy, because there is just not enough fattening stuff on the table already.  We will have a pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and a cheesecake dessert just in case we are still hungry after we consume what has been set before us.

I know we are going over the top but isn’t that what one does on Thanksgiving. How many of you have said, “I am not going to eat as much as I did last year”. Right, how did that work for you? Well, maybe next year I won’t eat as much as I did last year. I forgot to mention one of my favorite parts of the big meal is the leftovers that we feast on well into the weekend. I just love warmed up leftover turkey, dressing and gravy. I have withdrawal pains when that last sandwich is consumed.  I have only experienced Thanksgiving away from home once. I was in the service and could not make it home for Thanksgiving. I ate it with other homeless airman in the chow hall. I have to tell you it was some really good chow that day. It was very, very good. So much so I went back two hours later, just before they closed and over indulged again. BIG mistake. I was uncomfortable for two days. I pigged out and I payed the price for my gluttony.                

One memory of my Thanksgivings with extended family is not so much about the food but about the warm feeling of being with family. I think some of you readers may know what I’m talking about when I say a card table Thanksgiving is the best thing ever. How many of you were blessed enough to have a special seating arrangement with just a small quaint group in a private area of the dining room? Oh to have those folks around my card table again. I hope you all have a safe, filling, and blessed Thanksgiving this year. I hope you are filled with the spirit of the day and filled from the table (burp) set before you.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Be Well, Gary K.