The Depot opens in Miles

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register
The Depot opened in Miles on November 16. The store offers a wide variety of items from home decor to fencing. They are the only hardware store in Miles and can make bulk orders for their customers.

Miles has a new place to shop for everything from home decor to hardware to top quality tools, fencing and feed. The Depot opened on Highway 67 on November 16th with a steady flow of customers. The store is the only place in Miles that sells hunting, fishing and lease licenses. Danelle Schwertner and her husband, Donnie, already own and operate Top Tier Grain and Feed. The Depot was built just a few yards away, with construction beginning about 3 months ago. Schwertner said that the foundation was just the first step, "We poured the foundation on August 19. Then we built Mueller Metal Building. After that, we just kept adding inventory. Donnie said that if we did it, we were going to do it the right way. We're the only hardware store in Miles."

Just a few of the power tools and supplies offered at The Depot in Miles. The hardware/feed/farming/home improvement store opened on November 16.

Many of the items, from cooking spices to candles, honey and pottery were sourced locally. The items weren't something that Danelle just selected at random from a supplier, "We want to try things before we sell them. We sell Judge's Spices, but before we agreed to sell their spices, they sent us some samples for us to try out at home."

The Depot opened in Miles on Monday. It offers a wide array of selections from home decor to power tools to livestock feed.

Purchasing Texas-made products is important to the Schwertners, "We want to grow the local economy and the Texas economy overall. If you look at our products, you'll see where they were made. It's important to us that people know where the things that they are buying are coming from. We're still waiting on a few things to come in." Items such as Saint Abigail Honey is harvested in Wall. Rodeo Trash Jelly comes from Lowake. Miracle Grow is made in Ballinger. It's store full of the best that local companies and individuals have to offer.

The Depot in Miles offers locally sourced items, including honey, spices, home decor and more. Owner Danelle Schwertner said that supporting the local economy is important.

The store itself is 4,000 sq ft. with an additional 1,800 sq ft. warehouse. Outside is more space where they have rolls of fencing, farm supplies and large water cisterns for sale.

While many of the items are consumer sized, Schwertner says that she can also order bulk items, "We get our delivery truck in once a week. But, if someone wants a special order, I can order it right away. It's not a problem." Many small town businesses struggle to compete in pricing against the "Big box stores" in the larger cities. Schwertner says that The Depot has competitive pricing, "Our prices are comparable to those you'll find in San Angelo. We didn't want to build a store with outrageous prices."

Just a few of the items offered at The Depot in Miles, Texas. The store offers barbecue pits, plumbing (both gas and water), as well as other home improvement supplies. The Depot also offers their customers the option to buy in bulk.

The store offers many options, regardless of what you might be shopping for. Schwertner says that tools are one of those items that has something for everyone, "We have DeWalt, Makita, Irwin, Bosch, and others. We have all brands and styles. We have garden soil, livestock feed, mulch, picnic tables, PVC pipe, electrical supplies, paints, shovels, rakes and pretty anything that you could want. We'll also have our Top Tier feeds, as well as Hudson livestock tubs and others."

Picnic tables are just one of the myriad of items sold at The Depot in Miles. The store opened on November 16 with a steady flow of customers throughout the day.

The November 16 opening was a soft opening. The Schwertners plan to hold their grand opening on November 28th. They're still in the process of finalizing the plans, but they intend to have hot food as well as a live band. Stay tuned to the Runnels County Register Community Calendar for updates regarding the grand opening