Humane Society works finding forever homes for pets

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register

Angela Hoyle took over the Human Society of Ballinger in 2011. With an ever-increasing population of cats and dogs rescued from being dumped or abuse situations, it wasn't long before she needed more room, "We bought this place about 5 years ago. We had a lot of animals and we needed more room to build pens." The location, at 8908 US Highway 67, in Ballinger, affords a lot of shaded area for the animals who are waiting on forever homes.

Deebo is a big, friendly dog. He's good-natured and ready for a forever home.

Hoyle doesn't just work to find forever homes in west Texas, she looks all over the country and Canada, "There are people in Canada waiting on dogs. We have 4 dogs going to Canada and 15 dogs going to Pennsylvania." Overall, the Humane Society currently cares for 25 dogs and 22 cats, a monumental task that Hoyle accomplishes with her assistant, Deann. Both Hoyle and Deann have day jobs. Deann cares for Ballinger's Evergreen Cemetery. The ladies spend their evenings caring for the myriad of animals of all shapes and sizes.

Hoyle says that the Humane Society is always receiving more animals, "We just got 8 more dogs from a person who was a hoarder in San Angelo. We also have one dog that is pregnant and going to give birth anytime now and just added several new pens."

The fees to adopt a dog or cat is minimal, $50. The adopters in Canada pay $480, due to various fees. People in Pennsylvania also pay significantly more, upwards of $300, to adopt the dogs from Ballinger.  Hoyle says that the dogs are driven to Canada and the other states, "They load them in a van and take them on the trip. They're well cared for along the way."

The caring for the dogs includes more than the 150 lbs of dog food and cat food that the Humane Society goes through on a weekly basis. The care includes vet fees to get the animals spayed and neutered and for other care, such as Bravecto and vaccinations. The dogs going to Canada require health certificates, "The people in Canada meet at the border and all of the paperwork is filled out and submitted. Every animal has to have a health certificate."

Deebo is friendly with children, cats and is looking for a forever family. Deebo is located at the Humane Society of Ballinger, (325) 374-9546

A quick tour of the area reveals dogs and cats that are well cared for and that are all healthy. Not one of them is undernourished or in need of medical attention. The pens are spacious, with enough room for the animals to move around and play in. Hoyle and Deann spend time with each of the animals every day. One of the dogs, Deebo, is a big, 100+-pound friendly fella. Hoyle said that he's good with cats and kids, "He was a family dog that we took in. He loves people and he wants a family to love. He was raised around kids and cats and he's good with everyone. When you walk into his pen he wants to love on you and be your best friend."

Duke is a healthy, friendly dog that is one of 25 dogs looking for a forever home.

Another dog, Duke, is also a friendly dog. Like many of the others he was dumped and left to his own devices. He's good with people and wants to give attention to anyone who visits him. Duke, just as with Deebo and all of the other dogs, is ready to be your best friend. The cats are cared for just as well as the dogs are. They are spayed and neutered and have their vaccinations as well as flea and tick treatment.

Each week, the Runnels County Register will feature a Pet of the Week from the Humane Society of Ballinger. This week, to kick off the series, we'll feature 2 pets: Duke  and Deebo. If you're interested in adopting any of the animals, you can visit the Humane Society of Ballinger at 8908 US Highway 67 in Ballinger, or call Hoyle at (325) 374-9546. You can email her at or