No new leads in burglaries in Winters

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register

The string of burglaries that have plagued Winters and the surrounding area over the last 9 months have offered authorities few clues. The subject was addressed at the Winters City Council meeting on October 26.

An image of a suspected burglar in Winters. Members of the town's Neighborhood Watch have banded together to attempt to stem the flow of over 30 burglaries and thefts.

The council meeting, held at the Community Center, was attended by approximately 70 people. One man addressed the council about being hit by the thieves twice, the most recent theft occurring October 22nd. Winters Police Chief Paula Geyer said that one theft case had been closed, but that there was little progress in the other theft and burglary cases, "We closed one case that involved a black powder gun. We had 35 suspects in the burglaries and with the help of the sheriff's office, we knocked the list down to 13 suspects. Now the list is at 10 (suspects)." Geyer said that there wasn't anyone willing to give the department any information. Yates said that there is no reward currently being offered for information regarding the people committing the burglaries.

The Winters Police Department has posted videos and photos of the suspects on their Facebook page for the last several months. Recently, Runnels County Sheriff Carl Squyres posted on his department Facebook page, asking for photos and videos of any suspects.

Members of Winters Neighborhood Watch have been sharing photos of suspected burglars in the watch's Facebook group

The suspects have entered homes, rummaged through vehicles and stolen items from porches, garages and carports. One video shows a suspect boldly looking in the windows of a home while the family was sleeping inside. The suspects wear gloves, hoodies, masks and hit targets of opportunity, such as unlocked vehicles. They are known to have stolen several firearms during the crime spree.

An Igloo soft sided cooler recovered by the Runnels County Sheriff's Department. The department is asking for help in locating the owner of the cooler.

On October 29th the sheriff's office posted photos of items that they seized. The sheriff believes that the items were stolen during the recent burglaries and thefts and asked the owners to contact the sheriff's department.

A pocketbook recovered by the Runnels County Sheriff's Department. The department is asking for help in locating the owner of the pocketbook.

A Neighborhood Watch group has sprung up in Winters, with citizens helping to patrol the streets at all hours of the day and night. The Facebook group currently has 655 members. The group members share photos, videos and information about suspicious vehicles and people that they see in their neighborhoods.