FTP: COVID-19 & Quarantine

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register

This Covid virus is a beast. I think I am on the mend and want to thank everyone who sent words of kindness or extended acts of generosity to me and my family. It’s amazing how receiving a card or getting a phone call makes a person feel better.  Thank you all.   Since I have not been out because of being in quarantine, Red and Cody have been very attentive and creative when planning meals. I am a man who is happy with soup and crackers for lunch. I know some folks want meat and taters for lunch and supper, but I like less as opposed to a big meal. I will tell you seeing something served on the food channel on television makes me want to try that item. Television has a way of making things look better then they actually are. Truth in advertising comes into play here. I don’t know If I would know what some of these items they show should really taste like.                    

Red is a great cook and treats me like a king. Even while on my sick bed she has worked hard to keep me fed and my thirst slacked. She has kept my glass full with iced tea or apple juice. It’s strange what cravings a fever generates. Taste buds and temperatures of the body make the mind do unusual things. Some folks just want to get their glass of cold beverage and hunker down in bed and don’t want anything to eat at all, while some individuals want to try everything on the menu at the restaurant.

We each have our own ways of dealing with being ill. That favorite pillow or favorite blanket becomes a priority in the healing process. We all handle challenges in life differently.

I hope you are all well. Please keep praying for rain. Be Well, Gary K.