Chad Hardy, candidate Ballinger City Council District 3.

Bill Hancock
Runnels County Register

1. What position are you running for?

Ballinger City Council, Single Member District #3

2. Why are you running?

I feel that my knowledge, background, and fairness could be beneficial to the

city. I have a very high-tech background, including degrees in physics,

computer science, and educational technology. I also have years of

management and problem resolution experience from when I worked as a

department head at a college.

The biggest challenge right now is making improvements to the city and the

services the city provides, while working on a limited budget. I am already

active in town and do what I can to stay on top of what is going on with

Ballinger. I attend city council meetings on a regular basis and I go to city

hall and request additional information when needed. Ballinger has a ton of

potential and I would love to see her become a beautiful small town once

again. One of my biggest issues is properties that are not well maintained

and are visual nuisances. There are several out-of-town property owners that

don’t maintain their properties at all.

I want to work toward beautification projects, as well as target things we can

do to improve city services, like water. Water is always a big issue here in

town. Not just where the water is coming from, but the quality of water that

that citizens are receiving. The new City Manager, Brian Frieda, has made

this one of his primary focuses and I want to support him on this. He has

already identified some of the issues and is working up a plan to resolve

them. Water mains are very expensive to replace and so the city has been

slowly replacing them as the budget allows. In some cases we have to

depend on grants in order to fund the replacements. Many of the mains

around town have been updated, but there are areas that still need this done.

I would like to help seek out additional grants and try to move forward on

replacing more of the water mains.

I also believe making the city look well maintained and beautiful should be a

focus of the city council. I pushed to bring back the city clean up days that we

started again in 2018 after the city discontinued them many years ago. The

city clean up events allowed citizens to bring in bulk trash to the city dump

without paying extra fees. Due to this we were able to get a large amount of

bulk items removed from yards and alleyways. I would like to work to see what else we can do to improve how Ballinger looks.

I feel one area that needs more attention is properties that are neglected. This includes tall weeds and other things that are against city codes. We need to work to get

these items addressed through code compliance and other means so that the

eyesores are removed.

Budget is very important. Ballinger works on a very limited budget which can

make it difficult to fund items like improvements to city services. Ballinger’s

budget comes from many things, but in part is funded by water sales,

property taxes and sales taxes. Water sales fluctuate which can make

budgeting difficult. Property taxes are an area that is very hard to navigate

because home owners and business owners don’t want to pay more even

when the cost of operating city services is increasing.

In addition to this, the state has just passed legislation that seriously limits

increases in property taxes. This is great news for homeowners, but bad

news for communities like Ballinger that are working on a very limited

budget. One way to increase tax income is to bring in new commerce. I feel

there should be a push toward this in Ballinger. There needs to be a hard

working industrial board striving to bring in new business to Ballinger. I

don’t want Ballinger to grow so much it loses the small town charm it has,

but if a small town isn’t growing, it is dying. Costs for Ballinger will continue

to increase so without an influx on new industry we will continue to have to

work with a very constrained budget. This will greatly limit the ability to

make improvements to roads, water service, and other things that citizens


I only moved to Ballinger in 2015, but I have strong family ties here and have

spent many summers here with my grandma and other family. In the time I

spent here in my youth I developed wonderful, enduring feelings towards

Ballinger, a town that I love. I would like to bring Ballinger back to be more

like the town I remember. I feel that I am fair and have Ballinger citizens’

best interest at heart. I want to work toward any and all improvements and I

also plan to be easily accessible for citizens to reach me. I am already active

in city government as I regularly attend Ballinger City Council meetings and

work hard to make forward progress in town. I am also a member of the

Park Board. In addition I spearheaded the feral spay/neuter program here to

help control the cat population and I was the one that pushed for the

citywide clean up days that we now have. I hope people see that I want to

make Ballinger a better place.

One other item I will mention here is that I believe that elected officials need

to answer to and represent the citizens within their city. Voting people in

and out of office is how we as citizens do this so, make sure to vote. Also, I

would love to start a community group that would meet to discuss current

projects and issues and then have a representative that would reach out to

the members of city council. This would give residents of Ballinger an

additional way to give feedback and of course any citizen can always contact

their city council member directly as well.

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