Meals on Wheels, Plus, Memorials.

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Runnels County Register

The following memorials made to Meals on Wheels, Plus between January 17, 2020 and April 2, 2020.

Estella Bredemeyer

Ronnie & Gloria Poehis

Luther & Kathy Smith

Diane Brevard

1953 Bearcat Football Team

Delpha Caudle

Dennis & Janet Minzenmayer

James & Ollema Rose

June Sibley

Jerry W. Willingham

Bunna Belle “June” Curbo

Paul Mark & Claudia Woods

Lawrence Frenzel

Mary Lou Multer

Bernice Fuchs

JoAnn Franke Hiroms

Clifton & Maxine Michalewicz

James & Ollema Rose

Cliff & Janet Watkins

Alice Hemphill

Ace Air Conditioning

Analene Hoelscher

Cliff & Janet Watkins

Fred McShan

Alan & Kathy Evans

James & Ollema Rose

Norvell Meredith

Mike & Peggy Dankworth

Bobby Patton

Pam & Norman Halfmann

Cliff & Janet Watkins

Billy Rollwitz

Mary Lou Multer

Richard Schaefer

Mary Lou Multer

LeRoy W. Schuhmann

James & Olleman Rose

Marge Slimp

The Grindstaff Family

Velma Wilde

Bhaskar Morugudi

Betty L. Bradley

Executive Director

Meals on Wheels Plus, Inc.

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